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Continuing Professional Development Opportunities

To better support PHPC members, the website has been expanded to include a comprehensive annual event calendar.

We invite you to submit your event to be included in this calendar by sending a request to

Upcoming events

    • 27 Mar 2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • 30 Mar 2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • Hybrid Conference

    The Ontario Public Health Convention is created by and for public health professionals and will deliver workshops, presentations, and keynotes focused on the unique experiences, challenges and opportunities in public health today. TOPHC events offer a chance for public health professionals to learn from each other, get inspired, provoke thought and move forward to make a difference in their careers and communities.

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    • 28 Mar 2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • 31 Mar 2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • In-Person Conference

    The AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual Conference provides an interactive venue where experts in the fields of diagnostic microbiology, antimicrobial stewardship, infectious diseases, infection prevention and control, and public health meet. The conference attracts attendees from across Canada and internationally. As in previous years, the 2023 conference will provide updates on a variety of topics to a diverse audience of clinicians, microbiologists, laboratory technologists, public health professionals, infection prevention and control practitioners, students and residents. 

    The pre-meeting Blood Operator One Health Session and Trainees’ Day will kick off the conference on Tuesday, March 28 with the Scientific Program taking place Wednesday, March 29 through to and including Friday, March 31.

    The conference will be in-person only at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is a world-class city with great restaurants, cultural offerings in theatre, music and art, and many sports venues. 

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    • 29 Mar 2023
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    The microbiome is the collection of all microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their genes, that naturally live on our bodies and inside us. Although microbes are so small that they require a microscope to see them, they contribute in big ways to human health and wellness. A person’s core microbiome is formed in the first years of life but can change over time in response to different factors including diet, medications, and environmental exposures. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded three projects to consider the interaction between the environment and the microbiome and its impact on human health. In this webinar, learn what this research has discovered and where the investigators plan to go next.

    About the Speakers:

    Jen Gommerman, PhD, is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Tissue-specific Immunity Department of Immunology, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.

    Stuart Turvey, MBBS, DPhil, FRCPC is a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia where he holds both the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Pediatric Precision Health and the Aubrey J. Tingle Professorship in Pediatric Immunology.

    Dr. Alberto Martin is Professor of Immunology at the University of Toronto.

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    • 29 Mar 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Webinar

    Webinar series on anti-Black racism and public health

    February - March 2023 | English, with closed captioning and simultaneous French interpretation

    This webinar series will take place in English with closed captioning and simultaneous French interpretation. 

    Black health: a key area for public health education and action

    Anti-Black racism is a specific form of racism, rooted in the colonial history and practice of enslavement, that continues to impact the lives of Black people, regardless of whether they have a specific lineage to the enslaved in Canada, or if they are recent comers to Canada. Policies and practices rooted in Canadian institutions such as, health care, education, and justice mirror and reinforce beliefs, attitudes, prejudice, stereotyping and/or discrimination towards people of African descent and lead to a lack of equitable access, opportunities and outcomes for Black people. 

    Recognizing the need for specialized public health education and action in this area, the NCCDH is partnering with the Black Health Education Collaborative, a community of scholars and practitioners committed to improving Black health through education and research. This partnership will offer the Canadian public health community an important capacity building opportunity in the form of a three-part interactive webinar series. In this series, participants will explore how anti-Black racism impacts health and identify concrete opportunities for public health action.  

    Part 3: Uprooting anti-Black racism: Strategies and approaches for public health.

    In part 3, we will provide opportunities to reflect on individual, community, organizational, and systemic approaches to anti-racist practice that specifically address anti-Black racism. 

    As a result of participating in this webinar, participants will  

    • Further amplify community voices and solutions to address anti-Black racism in public health 
    • Reflect on approaches to community relevant race-based data collection and use 
    • Identify interventions and policies to address anti-Black racism 

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    • 29 Mar 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • In-Person Event

    Join CAMH and the University of Toronto for the inaugural Mental Health Series, an annual community conversation about mental health inspired by the late Honourable Michael Wilson P.C., C.C. According to a recent CAMH survey, 59 per cent of Ontario students say they feel depressed about the future. Whether it’s climate anxiety, racial violence or the rising cost of living, one thing is clear; we’re tired of being resilient. So what can we do, as individuals and as a society, to move past resilience?

    The panel discussion will take place in the Great Hall at University of Toronto's Hart House from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. followed by a reception in the Lower Gallery. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

    Moderator: Amil Niazi is a writer and columnist at The Cut. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post and Macleans. She is the former showrunner of CBC's popular weekly podcast Pop Chat. You can find her on Twitter @amil.

    Panelist: Dr. Jo Henderson is Director of the Margaret and Wallace McCain Centre for Child, Youth & Family Mental Health at CAMH and Executive Director of Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario. They are also a Senior Scientist at CAMH and a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at U of T. Their work aims to improve access to high quality, integrated services for youth with substance use and/or mental health concerns and their families.

    Panelist: Dr. Kwame McKenzie is CEO of Wellesley Institute, a full Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, Director of Health Equity at CAMH and a practicing psychiatrist. His expertise is the social causes of illness and the development of effective, equitable social policy and health services and systems.

    Panelist: Dr. Sean Kidd is a Clinical Psychologist, Senior Scientist, and the Division Chief of Psychology at CAMH and an Associate Professor in U of T’s Department of Psychiatry. His research focuses on youth homelessness, digital health, and climate change.

    Panelist: Asante Haughton is a mental health advocate devoted to changing the world. He has two TEDx talks, has won a national mental health award, provides platforms for supportive storytelling and co-founded the Reach Out Response Network, which led the advocacy to implement non-police mobile crisis teams as first responders to mental health calls in Toronto.

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    • 30 Mar 2023
    • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

    Join the next International Housing First webinar, hosted by the Canadian Housing First Network - Community of Interest and the Housing First Europe Hub. This is the second in the 2022-2023 International Webinar Series on Housing First!

    In this webinar, experts and practitioners from Canada, the United States and Europe will share their research, policies and practices on how to create system change through the implementation of Housing First principles and programs.

    By participating in this webinar, you will be exposed to perspectives from different countries and gain insights into effective strategies for implementing and scaling up Housing First programs.

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    • 30 Mar 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    There is a pressing need to support the health care workforce in order to strengthen and restore high-quality, safe health care for everyone in Canada. Providers who work in northern, rural and remote communities have unique challenges and associated support needs, related to factors such as fewer onsite team members; geographic remoteness and associated weather and travel challenges; access to fewer providers, specialists and facilities, and to less equipment; a broader scope of practice compared with their urban counterparts; and a patient population that is — on average — more complex compared with patient populations in urban centres. 

    In this webinar, presented by Healthcare Excellence Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information, you will have an opportunity to learn about and discuss

    • Promising practices that other communities have implemented to increase the retention of their health care workforce
    • Key success factors to embed community, staff and Indigenous partnerships into retention approaches
    • Practices that promote improved work–life balance and wellness, which contribute to retention of the health care workforce
    • Strategies that health care leaders are using to engage staff to develop solutions geared at retaining people in the health care workforce

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    • 30 Mar 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    *This webinar will be presented in English with slides available in French.
    *Ce webinaire sera présenté en anglais avec des diapositives disponibles en français (français suit).

    Join us for a webinar presented by Kimberly Skead, doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto and National Scientific Coordinator at CanPath.

    Come learn about progress towards building the Canadian Cancer Study, and how CanPath data and biologics, coupled with linked clinical outcomes can be used to identify biological signatures associated with increased cancer risk and, subsequently, develop novel early diagnostic tools able to identify cancer years prior to clinical onset.

    Joignez-vous à nous pour un webinaire présenté par Kimberly Skead, candidate au doctorat à l’Université de Toronto et coordonnatrice scientifique nationale à CanPath.

    Assistez au webinaire pour en savoir plus sur les progrès réalisés dans l’élaboration de l’Étude canadienne sur le cancer et sur la manière dont les données et les produits biologiques de CanPath, combinés aux résultats cliniques, peuvent être utilisés pour identifier les signatures biologiques liées à un risque accru de cancer et, subséquemment, développer de nouveaux outils de diagnostic précoce capables de détecter le cancer des années avant l'apparition des symptômes cliniques.

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    • 30 Mar 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Join us for the Upstream Lab Speaker Series launch! Our first episode features an insightful conversation between a community advisor and a family physician, delving into stories and realities of engaging with people experiencing homelessness.

    Meet the speakers:

    Mathieu Isabel is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Pinto at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. He is also a practicing family physician and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Université de Montréal Department of Family and Emergency Medicine. He is part of a community clinic delivering care to people experiencing homelessness.

    Alexander Zsager is a researcher, consultant and advisor for over 20 years with organizations such as the Mental Health Commission of Canada, St. Michael’s Hospital, Ontario Health Team, Homeless Connect Toronto and many others. “As a person with lived experience, I am also passionate about the issue of housing and homelessness… Collaborating with the Upstream Lab has given me valuable learning opportunity in research.” — Alexander

    Tune in to learn
    – How to build effective research partnerships and clinical approaches with people experiencing homelessness
    – What are the key considerations when engaging with people experiencing homelessness in research and clinical work

    About Us
    The Upstream Lab is a non-profit research lab based at MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. We are dedicated to improving health and well-being of the population through addressing issues related to social determinants of health.

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    • 30 Mar 2023
    • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Floods have a significant and long-term impact on community mental health and psychosocial well-being. Post-flooding psychosocial and mental health recovery requires public health disaster responders to work alongside affected communities. During this webinar, Maxine Myre and Nicole Glenn from PolicyWise for Children & Families will present an overview of the experiences, challenges, and priorities of post-flooding community recovery, as well as describe public health practices that can be adapted and applied to communities across Canada. Then, they will facilitate a panel discussion with Canadian experts about how the recommended practices are relevant and can be adapted to different contexts. Panelist will include professionals in government and non-profit leadership working in disaster psychosocial and mental health recovery and response.

    PolicyWise for Children and Families is an Alberta-based not-for-profit, charitable organization. We have 20 years’ experience mobilizing knowledge to shape policies, practices, and services in ways that benefit children, youth, families, and communities. During this time, PolicyWise has developed and implemented complex, collaborative projects in partnership with all levels of government, nonprofit organizations, community, and private sector organizations. Central to our approach is consideration of the structural barriers that marginalized groups face and the actions that can be taken to alleviate those conditions so that everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

    Maxine Myre, PhD, is a Senior Research and Policy Associate with PolicyWise. She leads several projects related to child, family, and community well-being with a focus on community engagement, knowledge mobilization, and health equity.

    Nicole Glenn, PhD, is a Research & Policy Manager with PolicyWise where she stewards knowledge mobilization and community-engaged applied public health and social sector research and evaluation. She brings a critical equity lens to all her work.

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    • 31 Mar 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Long-term care (LTC) residents are more dependent, frail and vulnerable, and require more complex care than community-dwelling older adults. Yet many interventions intended to reduce fracture risk are not used consistently in LTC, and clinical practice guidelines for osteoporosis have focused on the care of adults living in the community.

    This program aims to address existing care gaps by illustrating the application of pharmacological and non-pharmacological fracture prevention recommendations with frail older adults in LTC.

    After active engagement in this program, participants will be better able to:

    1. Assess fracture risk using Fracture Risk Scale
    2. Apply evidence-based recommendations for fracture prevention in LTC
    3. Recognize challenges and barriers to implement the recommendations and use enablers

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    • 31 Mar 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    As the climate warms, exposure to extreme heat is expected to increase. This presentation will review the evidence for increases in the frequency and intensity of heat waves globally and in Toronto, and explore the ways in which increasing exposure to heat intersects with socio-economics and the built environment to contribute to spatial variability in heat vulnerability within urban areas. Understanding the distribution of heat vulnerability across a city can assist with public health planning and prioritization of heat mitigation strategies.

    L earning objectives:

    At the end of this seminar attendees will be able to:

    • Describe past and expected future changes in heat exposure in Toronto
    • Discuss how socio-economics determine the sensitivity to and ability to adapt to heat exposure and contribute to overall heat vulnerability
    • Describe the spatial pattern of heat vulnerability across Toronto
    • Discuss/critique the utility of heat vulnerability maps for public health planning

    Presenter: Dr. Karen Smith

    Karen Smith (she/her) is an Assistant Professor, Teaching-Stream in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough and the Director of the Master of Environmental Science Program in Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation. Her research focuses on climate and atmospheric variability of the mid-latitude and polar regions.

    She is passionate about promoting climate science literacy: she serves as Chair of the School and Public Education Committee of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society and also co-hosts a podcast about climate change and conservation called Emerging Environments.

    The Occupational and Environmental Health Seminar Series is a self-approved group learning activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The series is also approved by Council of Professional Experience for professional development hours (PDHs) for members of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI), and by the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH) for Registration Maintenance (RM) points. For more information, please contact Victoria Arrandale (

    ***Please note: This event is online only. ***

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    • 31 Mar 2023
    • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Most people can agree that written communication should be clear, concise, free of grammatical and spelling errors and have the audience in mind. To achieve this, we spend time exploring style manuals and painstakingly editing manuscripts. So, if a picture is "worth a thousand words", why not spend as much time refining graphics?

    In this workshop, Martin Krzywinski, data scientist and visualization artist, will explore what makes a good visual explanation: theme, continuity, clarity and a simple style.

    Using audience submissions and other examples, Martin will walk through a step-by-step process for redesigning visuals and highlight practical guidelines in this process.

    "Our goal," says Martin, "will be to consider function above form and dispel the charms of visual garnish."

    Information on submitting files for this workshop:
    For this workshop, the approach is critique by redesign: Martin will use the graphics and scientific figures submitted as case studies.

    Submissions will be made public. Please do not send anything that may be considered confidential.

    A note on submissions:
    • All submissions must be received no later than midnight on Sunday, March 19, 2023, for a chance to be reviewed.

    • Scientific or research-based figures, posters, slides and other graphics or visual materials will be accepted.

    • Submit your work via Dropbox (copy and paste the link):

    • PDF/Adobe Illustrator or any other line art format is preferred, but you can submit whatever you have.

    After this webinar, participants will be able to:
    o Understand the components of a good visual explanation: context, message, emphasis.
    o Apply key design principles to create good visual explanations: function leading to form, continuity, theme.
    o Identify and remove unhelpful graphics and visual elements.

    Please feel free to share any questions/topics you would like us to cover during this session via email (

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    • 03 Apr 2023
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Children’s health is particularly sensitive to the environment. What they are exposed to during early years can have a significant impact on their healthy development. To better understand these health pathways and how to improve children’s health outcomes, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded three research projects considering different aspects of child health: obesity, IBD and asthma & COPD. In this webinar, learn what the researchers discovered through their project and what they plan to do next.

    About the Projects

    The Developmental Origins of Pediatric Obesity and Obesity-Related Complications

    This translational project studies clinical populations of pregnant mothers, their children and parallel rodent model systems in order to determine how early life environmental exposures (e.g.- maternal diets, high blood sugars etc.) affect the genes of the children to influence their risk for obesity. We will also determine whether altering the early life environment (e.g.- through diet etc.) modifies disease risk factors in children most susceptible for obesity. The identification of new early life biomarkers of disease could prevent the extensive health and financial burden of obesity.

    Gene and environment effects on lung health and risk for chronic respiratory disease, asthma & COPD

    This project studies a group of babies that have been followed since birth, whose families have filled out lots of questions about what they eat, breathe and how often they get sick. These kids and their families have also done breathing tests that measure how well their lungs are doing. From studying all of this information, we believe we can discover what things each person can do to improve their lungs and prevent them from getting chronic breathing problems, making Canada the healthiest place to live.

    The diet-microbiota-gut axis in pediatric IBD

    This research program investigates the complex interactions among diet, the gut microbiota, and the host. It provides information that may be essential for personalized dietary and microbiota changes required to keep people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in remission. It is well accepted that the gut microbiota plays a crucial role in the digestion of food, particularly plant-derived starches, and the production metabolites essential for human health. The primary objective of the proposed research is to investigate the complex tripartite interactions between the diet, the gut microbiota, and the host. Additionally, this study aims to characterize the role of microbial food-derived metabolites in pediatric IBD. This study will generate the information necessary for developing methods to improve bacterial activities in our intestine as treatment for IBD patients. This research will have important implications for the quality of life of people with IBD everywhere.

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    • 05 Apr 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    IUSTI Canada Webinar Series | Série de webinaires de l’UIITS Canada

    Webinar objectives:
    1. Review effectiveness evidence for Pre-Exposure prophylaxis;
    2. Compare Pre-Exposure prophylaxis regimens;
    3. Gain comfort prescribing PrEP to those who can benefit from it.

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    • 05 Apr 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Webinar

    A changing climate will affect food through a range of effects on agriculture, livestock, water systems, and wildlife, which have implications for food security, foodborne disease, and malnutrition. For example, population growth, loss of environmental services and climate change are forcing communities to explore opportunities that treat municipal wastewater to allow its safe return for community uses or harvest rain/stormwater for various non-drinking water uses (all referred to here as wastewater reuse). As part of our everyday lives we are exposed to a wide variety of chemicals derived from consumer products, such as foam, electronic equipment and plastics, that enter our food and drinking water. Most of these chemicals are present at very low concentrations. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded three projects to consider the impact of the environment on agri-food, the food-water nexus and health. In this webinar, learn what the researchers discovered and what they plan to do next.

    About the Speakers

    Norman Neumann is a Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. His research program focuses on development of novel approaches and tools for detecting, tracking and assessing human health risks associated with biological hazards in the environment (viruses, bacteria, protozoans, prions).

    Barbara Hales is a James McGill Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill University.

    Sherilee Harper is a Canada Research Chair in Climate Change and Health and an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta.

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    • 06 Apr 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar


    This series is co-hosted by the Centre for Global Health, Dalla Lana School of Public Health and the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto.


    The commercial determinants of health (CDOH) has emerged as a unifying concept bringing together a growing number of researchers studying a broad range of public health concerns. These include substance use (e.g. tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, cannabis), unhealthy products (e.g. sugary drinks, ultra highly processed foods), and other major human health risks (e.g. road traffic accidents, gun violence, air quality and extractive industries, deforestation and zoonotic diseases, agriculture sector and antimicrobial resistance). The rapidly growing evidence on the links between the CDOH and health outcomes has gained the attention of practitioners and advocacy groups. Opportunities for deeper and lasting change, however, require closer engagement with policy makers who are responsible for shaping priorities, creating regulatory frameworks, and allocating public resources for the benefit of societies. This brief talk focuses on lessons for effective engagement with policy makers on the CDOH drawn from experiences at the global, national and local levels.

    B IOS

    Kelley Lee is Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Global Health Governance in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University. She is also Scientific Co-Director of the Pacific Institute on Pathogens, Pandemics and Society (PIPPS). She was previously Professor of Global Health Policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she co-directed the WHO Collaborating Centre on Global Change and Health. Her research focuses on strengthening collective action to mitigate crossborder health risks. She previously led the Global Tobacco Control Research Programme at LSHTM and SFU which secured and conducted detailed analyses of internal tobacco industry documents. She continues to study the commercial determinants of health including serving on the Editorial Board for the WHO Global Report. She currently heads the Pandemics and Borders Project which analyses the use of travel measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a Fellow of the UK Faculty of Public Health, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, and Royal Society of Canada. She has published 15 books, 200+ papers and 60+ book chapters including the Oxford Handbook of Global Health Politics (edited with Colin McInnes and Jeremy Youde, 2020).

    Daniel Eisenkraft Klein  is a PhD Candidate at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and a Fellow at the Canadian Centre for Health Economics, funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship. His primary research agenda explores how the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries influence policy stakeholders to provide favourable regulatory environments. Daniel is also a Sessional Instructor at Simon Fraser University on the commercial determinants of health, and serves as an Expert Consultant for Johns Hopkins University’s Opioid Industry Documents Archive.


    Quinn Grundy is a registered nurse and Assistant Professor with the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto and a Fellow with the WHO Collaborating Centre on Governance, Accountability, and Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Sector. Dr. Grundy’s research explores the interactions between medically-related industry and the public health system. Dr Grundy is the author of Infiltrating Healthcare: How Marketing Works Underground to Influence Nurses (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018) which details the first in-depth study of the ways that registered nurses interact with pharmaceutical and medical device company representatives.

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    • 12 Apr 2023
    • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
    • Webinar

    The narrative of “breast is best” may have played a part in improved breastfeeding rates, and for some, a more empowered and normalized breastfeeding experience. The flipside of this movement is that it places pressure on women to breastfeed, and sometimes resultant shame when alternative methods of infant feeding are utilized. There are numerous, often intersecting barriers to breastfeeding, such as poverty, violence, and other experiences of trauma. Women experiencing challenging life circumstances may face more stigma, further marginalizing those who are already vulnerable. Adopting a trauma-and violence- informed care (TVIC) “fed is best” approach can play an integral role in supporting postpartum mothers and families while achieving the best health and wellness outcomes for mother and baby. This webinar will describe how public health nurses and other community-based professionals can integrate a TVIC approach when interacting with, and supporting women and families in their choices around infant feeding.

    Intended audience: Public health nurses, supervisors; family home visitors and supervisors (clinical, Healthy Babies Healthy Children, Nurse-Family Partnership); any community-based professionals working with pregnant people or families with infants

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

    • Identify the importance of a TVIC approach in providing support to postpartum women and families
    • Apply the principles of TVIC when interacting with and supporting women and families in their choices of infant feeding
    • Understand where to obtain TVIC resources for public health nurses and community-based professionals

    Presenter(s): Kimberley T. Jackson and Tara Mantler

    Kimberley T. Jackson, RN, PhD, Assistant Professor, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Western University, Co-Lead -Women’s Health Matters. Dr. Jackson’s program of research is focused on improving health outcomes for women and their children, with a particular focus on nursing care in the antenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum periods to provide trauma-and violence-informed approaches to assess and address breastfeeding and perinatal pain, and mental health.

    Tara Mantler, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Health Studies, Western University. Co-Lead-Women’s Health Matters. Dr. Mantler’s program of research centres around health equity research, specializing in gender-based violence, women’s health and the adoption and integration of trauma-and violence-informed care principles in practice and policy.


    The opinions expressed by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies or views of Public Health Ontario, nor does the mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by Public Health Ontario.


    Public Health Ontario is committed to complying with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodations to participate in this event, please contact 647-260-7100 or

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    • 18 Apr 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Webinar

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many health care settings, including hospitals and long term care communities, limited or restricted visitors to control the spread of the virus. These new policies or guidelines greatly impacted family members and care partners who are closely involved in the care of patients or residents. They could not be with their loved ones.
    To better understand how these policies affected patients, residents, and their families as well as clinicians and staff, IPFCC conducted two PCORI-funded projects – one focused on the hospital setting, the other on long-term care. Both projects structured ways to learn directly from patients, residents, and families about their real-life experiences during the pandemic. We elicited themes and topics about family presence to help guide health care and research in the future. Several themes and topics were common across the two projects and, thus, are especially important.
    Join us to hear about the two projects and the common themes, and to discuss ways that they can be used to help shape the future.

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    • 19 Apr 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Undoing Suicidism: Queering, Transing, Cripping and Maddening (Assisted) Suicide

    In this presentation, I argue that suicidal people are oppressed by structural suicidism. Suicidism and its preventionist script reproduce violence and cause additional harm and death through forms of incarceration, discrimination, stigmatization and pathologization. This is particularly true for marginalized groups, such as trans people living at the intersection of multiple oppressions. I show how the preventionist logic represents “cruel optimism” because the help offered often increases the structural violence experienced, such as cisgenderism. I therefore question the idea that the best way to help suicidal people is through prevention. I put forth the argument that supporting assisted suicide for suicidal people could more effectively prevent unnecessary deaths. Drawing on trans-affirmative approaches and on the theoretical tools from queer, crip and Mad studies, I propose a suicide-affirmative approach that allows for genuine accompaniment of suicidal individuals. By offering a new queercrip model of (assisted) suicide, I invite us to imagine what could happen if we started thinking about (assisted) suicide from an anti-suicidist and intersectional framework.

    Alexandre Baril is Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. His work is situated at the crossroads of gender, queer, trans, disability/crip/Mad studies, critical gerontology and critical suicidology. His forthcoming book (spring 2023) is entitled Undoing Suicidism: A Trans, Queer, Crip Approach to Rethinking (Assisted) Suicide. His commitment to equity has earned him awards for his involvement in queer, trans and disabled communities, including the Canadian Disability Studies Association Tanis Doe Francophone Award (2020), and the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion President’s Award at the University of Ottawa (2021). A prolific author, he has over 75 publications and has given over 185 presentations at the international level.

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    • 25 Apr 2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • 27 Apr 2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • In-Person Conference

    The 2023 Canadian Immunization Conference will facilitate knowledge sharing as thought-provoking speakers present content developed to inspire and challenge participants. 

    Registration offers participants access to over 30 sessions and associated content, the opportunity to connect with speakers and engage with participants. 

    Early-bird rates available until Thursday 9 March 2023

    In order to provide a safe meeting place, all persons participating in the 2023 Canadian Immunization Conference must provide proof of vaccination status in order to receive their conference materials.

    Acceptable proof of vaccination status is a physical or digital vaccination receipt issued by a provincial or territorial government along with government-issued photo ID.

    Failure to provide acceptable proof of vaccination status will result in a denial of access to the conference and the forfeiture of all registration fees. The Conference Secretariat will not be responsible for any ancillary expenses related to someone being denied access to the conference.

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    • 25 Apr 2023
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Webinar

    High levels of uncertainty result from emerging infectious diseases like COVID-19, creating unique communication challenges that are different from other health communication initiatives. Effective crisis communication is essential to promote the recommended prevention behaviors (e.g., physical distancing, hand hygiene, mask-wearing, and vaccination) and to maintain trust during the crisis. The Guidebook for Social Media Crisis Communication has been widely shared and downloaded, providing practical advice for public health. This session will provide an overview of best practices for social media crisis communication for public health and its practical application during COVID-19. First, the best practices for effective crisis communication to demonstrate trustworthiness will be presented. Next, Ottawa Public Health’s social media crisis communication during COVID-19 will be explored to highlight the lessons learned and key strategies the team employs. Ottawa Public Health’s Twitter account is the most-followed local public health account in North America, and their social media work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been lauded for its excellence by organizations like the Public Health Agency of Canada, the World Health Organization, the Rockefeller Foundation and many others.

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    • 26 Apr 2023
    • 7:55 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Webinar

    Family doctors are often the first contact patients may have with the health care system and a missed diagnosis could lead to comorbidities. Join our session to learn tips to recognize and address a potential eating disorder with a patient. We’ll also share ideas on how to help patients feel comfortable talking about an eating disorder.


    Register Here

    • 27 Apr 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Sheraton Hotel Laval

    PHPC CPD Symposium 2023

    Date: April 27, 2023
    Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
    Location: Sheraton Hotel Laval (2440 A. des Laurentides, Laval, QC)

    Please save the date for the 2023 PHPC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Symposium. We are delighted to announce the return of this in-person event on April 27, 2023.

    Fore more information, please visit the PHPC CPD Symposium 2023 webpage.  

    The PHPC Research, Education & Practice (REP) Rounds is a self-approved group learning activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

    Series Learning Objectives:
    After this session participants will be able to:

    • Identify and discuss current and emerging public health issues from a public health physician perspective.
    • Explore the role of public health physicians in implementing innovative approaches in response to these issues.
    • Identify key resources for future reference and continued learning.
    • 08 May 2023
    • 8:30 AM
    • 09 May 2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • Webinar

    * **Tickets for this in person workshop are limited, we ask your presence for both days if you are planning on registering***

    This event is co-hosted by the WHO Collaborating Center for Governance, Accountability and Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Sector along with the Centre for Global Health in the University of Toronto. This event is sponsored by the Connaught Global Challenge. The event will be organized in person and tickets are limited so please make sure you are able to attend if you are signing up.


    This two-day workshop will focus on lessons learned and forgotten about managing corruption risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also focus on how anti-corruption, transparency and accountability mechanisms are essential to prevent corruption risks during public health emergencies.

    Who Should Attend?

    We welcome participants who are students, researchers and policy makers


    To foster interdisciplinary discussion and debate and share knowledge with target audiences (students, researchers, and global health policy makers) on corruption risks in public health emergencies as well as anti-corruption, transparency, and accountability (ACTA) mechanisms to address them.

    This workshop will:

    • Discuss corruption risks during public health emergencies and their impact on health equity, particularly for the most marginalized populations

    • Identify how the COVID-19 pandemic amplified corruption risks in the health system

    • Highlight lessons learned and lessons forgotten about how to address corruption risks in public health emergencies

    • Discuss the roles and risks of involving for-profit companies in development and delivery of vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19


    The agenda will be shared with participants closer to the date of the event however some of the topics will deal with corruption risks associated with procurement, health worker recruitment, whistleblowing systems, international misconduct and more.

    Speakers include (more to confirmed and announced)

    Jillian Kohler, Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Governance, Transparency & Accountability in the Pharmaceutical SectorUniversity of Toronto

    Erica Di Ruggiero, Associate Prof. of Global Health & Director, Centre for Global Health, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

    Daniela Cepeda, Health Adviser, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

    Jonathan Cushing, Programme Director, Transparency International

    Mostafa Hunter, Founder and President, Health Governance International, USA

    Obinna Onwujekwe, Professor, Health Economics and Policy and Pharmacoeconomics in the Departments of Health Administration & Management and Pharmacology and Therapeutics, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria.

    Register Here

    • 11 May 2023
    • 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Virtual Event

    This year’s ICES Research Forum will take place on May 11, 2023. We have exciting plenaries this year, exploring the role of data in driving a more equitable healthcare system.

    The program combines notable speakers, moderated discussions, and insightful panels and offers many opportunities to connect. In previous years, we’ve had the honor of having the Minister of Health open our forum. We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Kate Mulligan as our keynote speaker this year. Dr. Mulligan is the senior director of the Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing and a leading thinker on health equity.

    Join critical discussions on using data and analytics to enable pragmatic solutions and innovations to advance health equity and improve the lives of Ontarians. You will have the opportunity to network with over 700 attendees, including researchers, policymakers, and decision-makers from various provincial and federal health system organizations and ministries.

    We hope you can join us!

    The ICES Research Forum is made possible through the support of our core funder, Ontario’s Ministry of Health, as well as the Ontario SPOR Support Unit.

    Register Here

    • 24 May 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Webinar

    Do you find yourself experiencing difficult interactions with patients, other physicians or allied health providers? Challenging conversations in the workplace can leave us feeling isolated and burned out. Join our session as we share personal experiences in navigating difficult interactions, provide insights into what we’ve learned and tips for managing these situations, including when and how to terminate the physician-patient relationship.


    • Dr. Joan Chan (Guelph, ON)
    • Dr. Claudia Hubbes (Ottawa, ON)
    • Dr. James Goertzen (Thunder Bay, ON)

    • 07 Jun 2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • 08 Jun 2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • In-Person Conference

    The Alliance's comprehensive primary health care conference Connected Communities is here!

    As Ontario continues to transform its health system, health equity and community health and wellbeing must be front of mind. With health systems in crisis in Canada and around the world, governments and policymakers are urgently searching for solutions and sustainable models that can meet the needs of their populations while promoting equitable health and wellbeing. Continuing to constantly work in crisis and emergency mode simply isn’t an option. The question is: How do we build an integrated care system that can help prevent illness and avoid crises, reduce strain on the health system, while building up programs, organizations and networks that support people to be well, stay well, and live well in their communities?

    This conference will be an opportunity to imagine and learn about what an integrated health system built around health equity and community can look like, and the steps needed to get there in the context of Ontario Health Teams. We cordially invite you to join us in person for Connected Communities: Building Equitable Integrated Healthcare. This Primary Health Care Conference will focus on ways to centre community voices and needs, and how to build foundations on comprehensive primary health care, health promotion, chronic disease prevention and management, and actively addressing the determinants of health (housing, income, food security, etc.). Health disparities in resources and access to care disproportionately affect marginalized people and communities, especially Black and racialized populations; Indigenous people; Francophone communities; people who identify as 2SLGBTQ+; people living on low incomes; and people living in rural, remote and Northern communities, among others. By designing an integrated health system that is centered in community and the needs of marginalized populations, we will create a health system that better serves everyone living in Ontario.

    At the Connected Communities conference, we will focus on community-led innovation and solutions tapping into new research results and evidence-informed practices that are demonstrating how integrated care systems that focus on health equity and community are improving population health outcomes.

    For More Information:

    • 25 Jun 2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • 30 Jun 2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • Hybrid Conference (Toronto, Ontario)

    The congress will address six sub-themes/tracts:

    1. Reducing inequalities in the prevalence, risk factors and conditions, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation or management of NCDs across socio-economic status, cultures, races, geographic regions, genders, sexual identities, abilities and special needs. 
    2. Identifying and responding to the impact of climate change and environmental degradation, human migration and displacement on NCD risk, prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, management rehabilitation, governance or health care system organization. 
    3. Understanding the determinants, or efforts to prevent, detect, diagnose, treat or manage NCDs that may change across the human lifespan. 
    4. Identifying and implementing multi-morbidity, multi-disciplinary and/or cross geographic solutions by working and sharing methods, data, technologies, knowledge, perspectives, practices and policies. 
    5. New research, perspectives, theories, policies, technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language (AI/ML), Big Data, and telemedicine), or practices which may enhance our ability to better address the etiology/determinants, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and/or management of NCDs.
    6. Improving governance, health system organization, multi-lateral collaboration and knowledge exchange to reduce the global, regional, national or local impact of NCDs. .

    Congress Format:

    The third World NCD Congress will be a hybrid format, with in-person and virtual participation. Over 1,000 oral and poster abstracts are expected to be presented. All oral presentations will be made in person, with poster presenters having the option of presenting their work in person or virtually. All plenary sessions, and a selection of concurrent sessions, will be streamed live on the Congress Online Platform. All in-person and virtual presentations will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing on the Online Platform following the Congress.

    Register Here

    • 28 Jun 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Webinar

    Smoking can cause serious health issues and is the leading cause of death among substance use disorders. Connect with your fellow family doctors as we share personal experiences with managing patients who smoke. We’ll discuss motivational interviewing, provide an overview of treatment options and share available referral pathways that can support a patient.


    • Dr. Monica Gad (Toronto, ON)
    • Dr. Osnat Melamed (Toronto, ON)
    • Dr. Peter Selby (Toronto, ON)

    Register Here

Past events

28 Mar 2023 NCCMT: The role of public health working with shelters serving people experiencing houselessness: A rapid scoping review
28 Mar 2023 Centring Survivors’ Voices to Combat Sex Trafficking (In Conversation with Rhonelle Bruder)
27 Mar 2023 Obesity and Environment
27 Mar 2023 Improving Immunization with People Experiencing Homelessness
24 Mar 2023 OCFP: IPAC, boosters and digital tools for practice
23 Mar 2023 NCCEH: Rapid implementation of bikeways for healthy, safe, equitable and more sustainable communities
23 Mar 2023 Mindful Medicine: Adapting and learning to cope with uncertainty
22 Mar 2023 NCCDH: Let’s talk about applying intersectionality in public health - A two-part webinar series
22 Mar 2023 Age-Friendly Health Systems - The 4Ms Framework
21 Mar 2023 ECOH Webinar: Sorry It's Rented // Webinaire CODEL : Désolé, c'est loué
21 Mar 2023 National Baseline Survey of Tick-Borne Disease Awareness
21 Mar 2023 COVID-19 vaccination within Black communities
20 Mar 2023 Achieving health equity among communities affected by HIV and hepatitis C in Canada
17 Mar 2023 Three Years Later: A Look Back at the Impact of Border Closures on COVID-19
16 Mar 2023 Commercial Determinants and Indigenous Health Disparities: An Introduction
14 Mar 2023 ECOH Webinar - Climate Change and Housing Loss | Webinaire CODEL - Changements climatiques et perte de logements
14 Mar 2023 Alcohol Policy: Where Do We Go From Here? Lessons from the new edition of Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity
14 Mar 2023 Surveillance of Neglected Mosquito- and Tick-Borne Pathogens in Southern Manitoba
13 Mar 2023 Advancing racial health equity in mental health care
09 Mar 2023 BE-STEMM Seminar: Incorporating empirical survey data into mathematical modeling of COVID-19
09 Mar 2023 Celebrating Social Prescribing: A Virtual Tour Across Canada | La prescription sociale à l’honneur : une tournée virtuelle d’un bout à l’autre du Canada
09 Mar 2023 NCCDH: You Talked, We Listened: What is next for Health Promotion Canada?
09 Mar 2023 2SLGBTQ+ Health Hub Panel Discussion: Confronting Conversion Therapy
09 Mar 2023 Environments & Health Signature Initiative Webinar - Resource Development
09 Mar 2023 TMU Climate Week 2023: Climate 101 Policy
09 Mar 2023 Sex Differences Among Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults for Mental Health Service Use Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
08 Mar 2023 Sex, Lies and Hormones: The Truth About Women’s Health
08 Mar 2023 Towards a Sustainable Housing System in Hamilton
08 Mar 2023 Your New Guides to Understanding and Asking for Evidence | Vos nouveaux guides pour comprendre et demander des preuves
08 Mar 2023 NCCMT: Virtual Workshop for Evidence-Informed Decision Making
07 Mar 2023 Digital Health and Primary Care
07 Mar 2023 Trauma and Resiliency Informed Practice in Action
06 Mar 2023 Media Messaging on Equity: How do we do better?
06 Mar 2023 Racial Equity: From Intention To Action Part II
03 Mar 2023 2023 Virtual Hereditary Cancer Seminar Series: Sexual health considerations in menopause and breast cancer
03 Mar 2023 Occupational asbestos exposure and gastrointestinal cancers
01 Mar 2023 The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence for Public Health in Canada
01 Mar 2023 Webinar Series on Anti-Black Racism (Part 2) - Anti-Black racism: A look at the social and physiological health impacts of injustice
01 Mar 2023 Beyond the Basics: Active Listening for Trauma-and Violence-Informed Care
01 Mar 2023 Influencing Action on Shingles Vaccination Policy
28 Feb 2023 MHRC Spotlight on Research Webinar: Spotlight on Saskatchewan
28 Feb 2023 Improving the Vaccination Experience: Reducing Pain and Anxiety for Children and Adults
28 Feb 2023 Understanding the Realities of Gender Diverse Peoples to Strengthen our Care Systems
28 Feb 2023 CanPath: Healthy Future Sask: From Idea to Reality | Webinaire CanPath : Healthy Future Sask : De l’idée à la réalité
27 Feb 2023 Environments & Health Signature Initiative Webinar: Urban Form and Health
27 Feb 2023 PHPC REP Rounds | HPV Immunization / Vaccination contre les VPH
24 Feb 2023 KT Connects: Understanding Indigenous Knowledge: An insider’s theory
24 Feb 2023 Climate Change and Health: The IPCC Report and COP27
24 Feb 2023 OCFP: Long COVID
23 Feb 2023 Protecting and Promoting Black Women's Health: From Breast Cancer to COVID
23 Feb 2023 Addiction & Mental Health Knowledge Bites Lunch & Learn Series
23 Feb 2023 Public Health Ontario: Health Conditions Attributable to Smoking and Alcohol by Public Health Unit in Ontario
23 Feb 2023 Improving Vaccine Uptake: Prioritizing Pain and Fear Management during the Immunization Experience
23 Feb 2023 Establishing the case for prioritization of life-course immunization
22 Feb 2023 Sickle Cell Disease: A New Quality Standard for High-Quality Care in Ontario
22 Feb 2023 Life Beyond Trauma: Treating the invisible wounds of PTSD
21 Feb 2023 NCCHPP: Implementing Health in All Policies Approaches in Canada
21 Feb 2023 Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance Through the Pandemic Instrument
17 Feb 2023 Understanding Exposures and Communicating Risks from Radon with Canadians
17 Feb 2023 Clinical Application of the Long-Term Care Fracture Prevention Recommendations for Frail Older Adults
16 Feb 2023 Black Health Leaders Recognition Ceremony
16 Feb 2023 Reimagining LTC: Enabling a Healthy Workforce to Provide Person-Centred Care
15 Feb 2023 Tenant Leadership Training: Implementing the Right to Housing in Canada
15 Feb 2023 CANVax: Peer-to-Peer Vaccine Education & Outreach Program
15 Feb 2023 Children's right to housing: Exploring opportunities & challenges
15 Feb 2023 From the Homeland: Métis Identity and Digital Storytelling
15 Feb 2023 Queerying Health Research: The Impacts of COVID-19 on 2SLGBTQ+ Youth, At Risk of, and Experiencing, Homelessness
15 Feb 2023 PHO Webinar: The Incredible Power of Gratitude
14 Feb 2023 Life Promotion, Changing the Narrative Around Suicide Prevention
13 Feb 2023 Understanding attitudes and beliefs toward the COVID-19 vaccines among transition-aged youth with mental illness
09 Feb 2023 The Intersecting Identities that Inspire Our Excellence
09 Feb 2023 Better home care for older adults and caregivers
09 Feb 2023 Promoting early relational health and child development in Canadian resident education and clinical practice moments
08 Feb 2023 2023 National Conference on Tobacco & Vaping
07 Feb 2023 NCCMT: Virtual Workshop for Evidence-Informed Decision Making
07 Feb 2023 Understanding Trauma-Informed Practice and Engagement
07 Feb 2023 PHO Rounds: Impact of COVID-19 on Hospital Visits for Non-traumatic Dental Conditions in Ontario, Canada
07 Feb 2023 Anishinabek Nation Regional Mental Health & Addiction Roundtable (Location: Thunder Bay)
06 Feb 2023 MindWell for Healthcare Workers
03 Feb 2023 KT Connects: Implementation Science — what works in theory and practice for clinical interventions
03 Feb 2023 National Dialogue on Data Management Plans and Indigenous Data
03 Feb 2023 Community-Level Air Pollution Monitoring in Hamilton Ontario
03 Feb 2023 COVID Vaccinations and digital supports
02 Feb 2023 HIV self-testing project: pre-test and post-test conversation
02 Feb 2023 Centre for Global Health Annual Forum
02 Feb 2023 Save-the-Date: Indigenous Health Conference 2023
02 Feb 2023 Anishinabek Nation Regional Mental Health & Addiction Roundtable (Location: Sudbury)
01 Feb 2023 Webinar Series on Anti-Black Racism (Part 1) - #BlackLivesMatter in public health: Critical race theory, historical roots and legacies of anti-Black racism.
01 Feb 2023 IUSTI Canada Webinar - What if the next pandemic was a new STBBI! Would we be ready?
31 Jan 2023 Public Health System Transformation to Mobilize Research and Innovation on Climate Change
31 Jan 2023 Planetary Health Menus: Implementing plant-rich diets for people and the planet
31 Jan 2023 Anishinabek Nation Regional Mental Health & Addiction Roundtable (Location: Sudbury)
30 Jan 2023 Health in All Policies in Québec: Working Across Sectors to Promote Health and Equity (traduction simultanée offerte en français)
30 Jan 2023 PHO Webinar: Implementing Smoking Rooms in Supervised Consumption Sites: Key lessons
27 Jan 2023 Dark Winter – past lessons to inform future health
27 Jan 2023 OCFP: 2023 Family Medicine Summit
26 Jan 2023 NCCEH: Do-it-yourself Air Cleaners - Evidence on effectiveness and considerations for safe operation
26 Jan 2023 HIV self-testing project: what, where and how
26 Jan 2023 CATIE: HIV self-testing project: what, where and how
26 Jan 2023 Nutrition Education in Public Health: A Trust Model Campaign
26 Jan 2023 Anishinabek Nation Regional Mental Health & Addiction Roundtable (Location: London)
25 Jan 2023 Tackling Bias in Health AI Systems from a Human Rights Lens
25 Jan 2023 Fostering Healthy, Equitable & Climate-friendly Communities
25 Jan 2023 Advancing Generative Health Services for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Peoples
25 Jan 2023 Inappropriate Use of Antipsychotics in Long-Term Care
25 Jan 2023 World Neglected Tropical Diseases Session
24 Jan 2023 PHO Rounds: Tuberculosis De-isolation
24 Jan 2023 Reimagining LTC: Enabling a Healthy Workforce to Provide Person-Centred Care
24 Jan 2023 Anishinabek Nation Regional Mental Health & Addiction Roundtable (Location: Orillia)
23 Jan 2023 Maternal vaccination against COVID-19: insights from Canadian data
19 Jan 2023 Healthy environments for food security and climate change in northern Canada: Case studies of food system initiatives within the Northwest Territories
19 Jan 2023 HIV self-testing project: logistics and supply chain management for community-based organizations
19 Jan 2023 PHO Rounds: A Comprehensive Look at Youth Vaping in Ontario/Canada
19 Jan 2023 Industry interactions in the context of the inter-professional clinic
18 Jan 2023 HealthcareLCA Launch: The new home of healthcare environmental impact assessments
18 Jan 2023 Able to Practice: Overcoming barriers of disability
18 Jan 2023 OCFP: Resources and supports for physicians with disabilities
17 Jan 2023 The Mental Health of 2SLGBTQIA+ Canadians/National Polling Findings
17 Jan 2023 HIV self-testing project: information for service providers
17 Jan 2023 Anishinabek Nation 8th Annual Health Conference
13 Jan 2023 The Law and Ethics of Ontario’s Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021
19 Dec 2022 CanPath: Predicting diseases through machine learning models
16 Dec 2022 OCFP: Virtual Care and Pandemic Reflections
15 Dec 2022 COVID-19 Immunity Task Force: The CITF Databank
15 Dec 2022 Climate justice, media and technology
14 Dec 2022 Life History Timelines: A trauma-and violence-informed approach to exploring clients’ experiences of adversity and resiliency
14 Dec 2022 Addressing overwhelm: How to set boundaries and prioritize self over practice
13 Dec 2022 The Wellbeing Policy Turn: Four Central Government Initiatives and the Role of Public Health
12 Dec 2022 Take My Breath Away: What you need to know and were afraid to ask about Pneumococcal Vaccines
08 Dec 2022 Health Summit Series: Care Delivery Models
08 Dec 2022 Public Health Ontario: Immigration/migration as a Social Determinant of Health and Use of ICES Data
08 Dec 2022 PHPC REP Rounds | Hands Tied Lips Zipped / Tournées d’éducation, de recherche et d’exercice des MSPC : Hands Tied Lips Zipped (Mains liées, lèvres zippées)
08 Dec 2022 Save the Date: National Conference on Tobacco and Vaping 2023
08 Dec 2022 Vaccine Adoption & Equity – The Lessons Learnt from Covid19 - Vaccine Acceptance virtual event series
07 Dec 2022 CCSA: Experiences of Harm Reduction Service Providers During Dual Public Health Emergencies in Canada
07 Dec 2022 Air quality sensor lending libraries: Bringing home public health
07 Dec 2022 EENet: Problem gambling and its relationship to major mental illnesses
02 Dec 2022 Translating results from large-scale genetic association studies into public health-relevant measures
02 Dec 2022 OCFP: The latest on COVID, Influenza and Respiratory Viruses
01 Dec 2022 The Comeback Kid: What you need to know and were afraid to ask about Influenza Vaccines
01 Dec 2022 Dr Jean Pierre Routy AIDS 2022: Pearls to optimize our Canadian AIDS strategies
30 Nov 2022 The Ku-gaa-gii pimitizi-win Study: COVID-19 and Indigenous Vaccination Hesitancy, Experiences from the Streets
30 Nov 2022 NCCEH: Housing as a determinant of health equity
30 Nov 2022 Patient Safety Organizations (PSO): What's in it For You?
30 Nov 2022 CAIRE & CVPD Research Symposium 2022
30 Nov 2022 PHO: Generating Regional Cancer Statistics - Using the Ontario Cancer Registry SEER*Stat Package
30 Nov 2022 Transitioning to New Health Care Futures
29 Nov 2022 Digital Solutions for Integrated Care after COVID-19
29 Nov 2022 Commercial Virtual Healthcare Services in Canada: Digital Trails, De-identified Data and Privacy Implications
28 Nov 2022 Health Equity in the Learning Health System​: Insights from the pandemic to inform better health
28 Nov 2022 Putting Evidence at the Centre of Everyday Life
28 Nov 2022 Immunization Agenda 2023 Adult Immunization and current challenges for childhood immunization
28 Nov 2022 NCCID: Demystifying Science Around Wastewater Surveillance
25 Nov 2022 Neighbourhood walkability and associations with mortality
24 Nov 2022 We All Take Care of the Harvest (WATCH): Safe and secure harvesting of marine foods in a changing climate
24 Nov 2022 Mobilizing to Promote Health and Well-Being for Older Adults - Part 3
24 Nov 2022 PHO: Climate Change and Health Equity
24 Nov 2022 Routine childhood vaccination: How to address lapses during COVID-19
24 Nov 2022 Understanding the importance of Traditional Healing and Wholistic Health
24 Nov 2022 PHAC: World Antimicrobial Awareness Week - Effectiveness of existing and new life-saving antimicrobials
24 Nov 2022 Importance of Equity in AMR Policymaking
23 Nov 2022 Reaching the undiagnosed: Advances in hepatitis C testing
23 Nov 2022 Vaccinations & Lung Conditions
23 Nov 2022 OCFP: Heal the pain, comfort the patient - Navigating through the diagnosis, treatment and management of neuropathic pain
23 Nov 2022 One Health Research Symposium
23 Nov 2022 NCCID: Combating Antimicrobial Resistance: Preserving antibiotics through community stewardship
22 Nov 2022 Astrostatistics: Or, Everything Old is New Again
22 Nov 2022 Curbing Unnecessary Antibiotic Use
22 Nov 2022 PHO: Describing the Burden of Antimicrobial Resistance in Ontario
22 Nov 2022 Antimicrobial Stewardship During COVID-19 First Wave: UK Experience
21 Nov 2022 Save the Date: 2022 Canadian Conference on Global Health
21 Nov 2022 Exploring Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy' among Marginalized Populations (Project VOICES)
21 Nov 2022 AMR Policy Leadership and Innovation
18 Nov 2022 Breaking the silence and circle of violence among the Indigenous Sami
18 Nov 2022 PHACtually Speaking Part 2 - World Antimicrobial Awareness Week
18 Nov 2022 OCFP: Clinical Application of the Long-Term Care Fracture Prevention Recommendations for Frail Older Adults
17 Nov 2022 One Health and Zoonoses - Reflections on Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond'
17 Nov 2022 PHO Microbiology Rounds: Progress and Challenges in Implementing a Tuberculosis Genomic Epidemiology Program
17 Nov 2022 Understanding the Complexity of Aging and Dementia
17 Nov 2022 PHACtually Speaking Part 1 - World Antimicrobial Awareness Week
16 Nov 2022 Designing for trust in health research with pervasive data
16 Nov 2022 Queerying Health Research Series: Merrick Pilling
16 Nov 2022 Capitalism and Labour: Gig economies, precarious work, and urban poverty
16 Nov 2022 PHO Microbiology Rounds: Missing Gut Microbes and Where to Find Them
15 Nov 2022 How do we make Canada's public health systems resilient to crises?
15 Nov 2022 Housing Policy, Health Policy and Aging Populations: Intersections and Imperatives
15 Nov 2022 PHO Learning Exchange: Leveraging Technology to Support Population Mental Health: Strategies to incorporate digital tools into mental health practice
14 Nov 2022 Fighting Pneumonia: An Agenda for Action - Virtual World Pneumonia Day Webinar Event
11 Nov 2022 Smoke-​free Policy: Progress and Remaining Gaps
11 Nov 2022 OCFP: Managing Respiratory Illnesses in Kids
10 Nov 2022 Navigating the Public Policy Pathway
10 Nov 2022 Reducing Overuse of Tests & Treatments: Has Canada Made Progress?
10 Nov 2022 Laying the groundwork for predictive models of West Nile virus cases
10 Nov 2022 Transparency in Healthcare Systems and Vulnerable Groups
09 Nov 2022 The New Frontier: Clinical Access, Equity and Innovation in Cancer Care
09 Nov 2022 PHO: A Trauma and Violence-Informed Approach to Completing Sensitive Assessments with Pregnant Individuals and Parents
09 Nov 2022 Our Planet Our Health: Creating Well-being Societies and Making Peace with Nature
08 Nov 2022 Shared Sisterhood: Collective Action for Racial & Gender Equality at Work
08 Nov 2022 NCCID: Structured Stigma in Public Health
08 Nov 2022 Racialized Realities in Toronto’s Public Urban Green Spaces
08 Nov 2022 The Next Chapter: Building upon our capacity and resilience in community and public health
07 Nov 2022 Update your Malware: What you need to know and were afraid to ask about COVID-19 vaccine boosters
03 Nov 2022 Gender equity in health research publishing in Africa
03 Nov 2022 CSAM-SMCA 2022 Scientific Conference
02 Nov 2022 CPHA: Preparing for the flu comeback - Introducing the next generation of flu vaccines for adults
02 Nov 2022 CanCOVID: Detecting and Correcting Public Health Misinformation: Lessons Learned and Best Practices
02 Nov 2022 Public health practitioners recount their experience of the COVID-19 infodemic: first edition
02 Nov 2022 WHO Global Webinar Series to Support Implementation of National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
01 Nov 2022 Media Messaging on Equity
01 Nov 2022 PHO: Leveraging Mucosal Immunology to Design Better Vaccines for Respiratory Viruses
31 Oct 2022 The 2022 Report of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: Policy Brief for Canada
31 Oct 2022 Eyes On Evidence
28 Oct 2022 UBC: Communities’ observations to inform environmental health research in Northeastern British Columbia, Canada
28 Oct 2022 OCFP: Managing Influenza-like Illness this Fall
27 Oct 2022 Mobilizing to Promote Health and Well-Being for Older Adults - Part 2
27 Oct 2022 PHO: Public Health Nurse-Delivered Online Group-Based CBT for Postpartum Depression - Results of a randomized controlled trial
27 Oct 2022 Noise Pollution and Health
27 Oct 2022 Palliative Care - A Public Health Priority Workshop Series
27 Oct 2022 The Lancet Summit: Big Data and AI in Pandemic Preparedness
26 Oct 2022 A Prescription for Equality: Addressing the Racial Gap in Canadian Health Care
26 Oct 2022 Climate change and opportunistic pathogens (OPs) in the built environment
26 Oct 2022 NCCDH: Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms
26 Oct 2022 Child Health and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - How to Move forward to Address Global Inequities
26 Oct 2022 Examining the Etiology of Young-Onset Breast Cancer
26 Oct 2022 PHO: Centring Indigenous Ways, Un-learning Mainstream Approaches in Substance Use
26 Oct 2022 Disinformation Disorder and Potential Solutions for Canada
26 Oct 2022 Creating Community Partnerships for Greater Equity and Access to Children’s Health
26 Oct 2022 The Next Generation of Neuro-Health Data Sharing
26 Oct 2022 ON-NEIHR: Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT) Report
26 Oct 2022 Practising Well Community of Practice: Helpful strategies to address mental health in children
25 Oct 2022 Going Viral: The Mathematics of Infectious Diseases
25 Oct 2022 Decolonizing Digital Spaces – WIIH Talking Circles
25 Oct 2022 Patient Safety Organizations (PSO): What's in it For You?
25 Oct 2022 Updating our COVID-19 booster strategy – Answering questions about the new bivalent booster
25 Oct 2022 Now is the Time to Press Play on Safety Conversations
25 Oct 2022 Respiratory Health Forum
24 Oct 2022 Planning for Equity with Data
24 Oct 2022 CVPD: Immunization registries in Canada: Tools for optimizing and maintaining vaccination coverage
24 Oct 2022 Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice in Family Engagement in Research
22 Oct 2022 Health Policy Summit
21 Oct 2022 Restoring Trust In Public Health: A Patient-Centered Model For Public Health Crisis Communications
21 Oct 2022 Borders, Boundaries, Pandemics
21 Oct 2022 OCFP: Why Develop Guidance for the Clinically Appropriate Use of Virtual Care in Primary Care?
20 Oct 2022 Communicating Affordability and the Energy Transition
20 Oct 2022 NCCMT: Applying Action-Oriented Resources to Reduce Financial Strain and Promote Financial Wellbeing
20 Oct 2022 eCOVID19 RecMap & Gateway to Contextualization: Finding and Using Evidence on COVID-19 in Public Health
20 Oct 2022 Future of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines in an evolving world
20 Oct 2022 Ku-gaa-gii Pimitizi-win Study: Two-Way Knowledge Sharing
20 Oct 2022 Social Prescribing Conference: Current Practices & Community Conversations
19 Oct 2022 What if the next pandemic was a new STBBI! Would we be ready?
19 Oct 2022 Epilepsy, Depression & Anxiety - What Do We Know?
19 Oct 2022 Creating Safety During Home Visits: An Introduction to Trauma-and Violence-Informed Care
18 Oct 2022 Institute for Gender and the Economy: Erasing Barriers - Making the Future of Work Accessible
18 Oct 2022 CATIE: Because She Cares: African, Caribbean and Black women living with HIV engaged in (un)caring work in HIV organizations
17 Oct 2022 SDGs & the Transformative Role of Universities (Livestream)
13 Oct 2022 PHO Microbiology Rounds: Microbiology in Resource Limited Settings: Current practice, challenges and future directions
12 Oct 2022 UPHN Fall Meeting 2022
12 Oct 2022 Modernizing Women’s Health
12 Oct 2022 Prison Health is Public Health: The right to hepatitis C prevention, testing, and care in Canada’s correctional settings
12 Oct 2022 Social Interventions for Equity in Primary Care: The Canadian Experience
07 Oct 2022 KT Connects: Co-design research methods with community partners—benefits and challenges
07 Oct 2022 Federation of Medical Women of Canada: HPV Prevention Week 2022
07 Oct 2022 OCFP: Flu Shots, COVID Boosters and Catch-up Immunizations
06 Oct 2022 Evidence Informed Decision Making (EIDM) Competence Measure
05 Oct 2022 Building an off-the-shelf system for vaccine safety to address emerging issues
05 Oct 2022 CATIE - Tecovirimat — an antiviral drug to treat monkeypox
04 Oct 2022 CPHA: Preparing the next generation of One Health practitioners to combat climate change
03 Oct 2022 Past, Present, and Future: The Story of a Northern Ontario First Nations Health Data Partnership
01 Oct 2022 Federation of Medical Women of Canada: Evolving with Confidence - AGM and Educational Conference
29 Sep 2022 Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Statistician's Reflection'
29 Sep 2022 NCCEH: We don’t need a better rat trap: Reconceptualizing municipal rat management
29 Sep 2022 Vaccination contre la grippe saisonnière 2022-2023
29 Sep 2022 Mobilizing to Promote Health and Well-Being for Older Adults - Part 1
29 Sep 2022 Next Steps in COVID-19 Response in Long-Term Care
29 Sep 2022 Digital Health & Virtual Care Conference
28 Sep 2022 Even short appointments can help with substance use disorders
28 Sep 2022 Launch of the Party and Play Project
28 Sep 2022 Maintaining the momentum: Hepatitis C and HIV in the context of harm reduction
28 Sep 2022 NCCDH: Glossaire des principaux concepts liés à l’équité en santé
28 Sep 2022 Seasonal Influenza Immunization 2022-2023
28 Sep 2022 Long-Term Care in Crisis: The Reality of COVID-19​
28 Sep 2022 15-minute neighbourhoods, health equity-informed planning and active travel
28 Sep 2022 Let’s Get Social: Leveraging Social Media for Science
28 Sep 2022 Public Health Ontario: The Parents Under Pressure Program: Supporting Complex Families, Improving Outcomes for Children
28 Sep 2022 Indigenous Policy Symposium: Rethinking with Spirit
28 Sep 2022 OCFP: Even short appointments can help with substance use disorders
28 Sep 2022 Public Health Partner Authorities: An Example of Health in All Policies Governance in Practice
27 Sep 2022 Wellbeing policy in Wales and Canada
26 Sep 2022 Integrating Science and Politics for Public Health (Book Launch)
26 Sep 2022 A Civil Servant Like No Other: A Comparative Analysis of Chief Medical Officers of Health
26 Sep 2022 CANUE: Air Pollution, Electric Vehicles and Health
23 Sep 2022 UBC: Review of a mass casualty event - Mortality during the 2021 heat dome
22 Sep 2022 Decolonizing Data
22 Sep 2022 NCCEH: Putting environmental equity on the map
22 Sep 2022 Compassionate Data Collection: Promoting Equity in Evaluation
22 Sep 2022 Skills for Safer Living Suicide Prevention Webinar
21 Sep 2022 COVID Discussions: Where are we heading?
21 Sep 2022 One on One with Steini Brown: Towards a Sustainable Recovery
20 Sep 2022 COVID Data and Methods Discussions (Sept)
20 Sep 2022 Climate change and tick-borne diseases: A One Health approach in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan
20 Sep 2022 OPHA: Impact of COVID on Access to Reproductive Health Services
19 Sep 2022 CanCOVID: The Eighth Wave
19 Sep 2022 Past, Present, and Future: The Story of a Northern Ontario First Nations Health Data Partnership
16 Sep 2022 Canada’s Response to the Initial 2 Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparison With Peer Countries
16 Sep 2022 How to reduce the depth of single adult poverty in Canada – understanding the challenges and proposing a viable solution
16 Sep 2022 Learning Health Systems within the Alliance and Beyond: Past, Present and Future
16 Sep 2022 CVPD Fall Symposium: Healthy Aging and Immunization (In-Person Event)
16 Sep 2022 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice for Ontario Family Physicians
15 Sep 2022 Safe to say: Learning from patient safety incidents to create safer care for everyone involved
14 Sep 2022 Practitioner Guide on Conducting Community Consultations
14 Sep 2022 Companion Animal Surveillance: How can our companions contribute to Public Health?
14 Sep 2022 Vaccine Education Webinar “Current Issues in Vaccines"
14 Sep 2022 Monkeypox: Perspectives from the US
13 Sep 2022 Keeping What Worked: Lessons learned from COVID-19 pediatric immunizations
13 Sep 2022 The COVID pandemic: Where are we now, what did we learn, and what next?
08 Sep 2022 Building a resilient Ontario health system: A focus on patient safety and preventing “Never Events” as we recover and transform from COVID-19
08 Sep 2022 New COVID-19 vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years: NACI recommendations
08 Sep 2022 PHO Microbiology Rounds: Fishing for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): A Metagenomic Platform for Antimicrobial Surveillance
08 Sep 2022 Webinar: Fixing Medication Safety in Long-Term Care
08 Sep 2022 In Conversation Round Table- The Geneva Charter: Realising Societal Well-being
07 Sep 2022 Point of Care Testing & Treatment for Syphilis in Provincial Corrections
30 Aug 2022 NCCEH: Surveying mosquito distribution in BC and Yukon Territory in a changing climate
30 Aug 2022 PHO: Opioid Toxicity Among Ontarians Who Worked in the Construction Industry
25 Aug 2022 #BetterMedicare: Virtual Care
24 Aug 2022 13th International Conference on the Maternal Child Health Handbook
24 Aug 2022 Helping Patients Manage Low Back Pain
23 Aug 2022 Coronavirus in the Urban Built Environment (CUBE): Evaluating the use of Environmental Swabs for the Detection and Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in School and Congregate Setting
22 Aug 2022 Next Steps in COVID-19 Response in Long-Term Care
22 Aug 2022 PHO: Blastomycosis in Ontario: Public health and clinical considerations
19 Aug 2022 Studying the implementation of virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic with patient partners and stakeholders
19 Aug 2022 COVID-19 Community of Practice: The COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5
18 Aug 2022 Monkeypox: The State of the Science
09 Aug 2022 Building Climate Resilient Health Systems: Lessons from Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate - Science Assessment 2022
03 Aug 2022 Mental Health Commission of Canada: 2SLGBTQ+ Mental Health and Substance Use Health
02 Aug 2022 COVID Data and Methods Discussions Drop-In Zoom Sessions
02 Aug 2022 To Boost Or Not To Boost: Managing the Seventh Wave
28 Jul 2022 Daily and hourly exposure to PM2.5 and wildfire smoke and cognitive performance in a brain-training game: A longitudinal study of US adults
28 Jul 2022 Climate Leadership and Multisolving: A Conversation With Katharine Wilkinson of The All We Can Save Project
27 Jul 2022 Virtual Town Hall on Access to Treatment and Services for ADHD into Adulthood
27 Jul 2022 OCFP: Supporting Patients Amid an Opioid Epidemic
26 Jul 2022 Getting the Antimicrobial Message
26 Jul 2022 Rapid Testing & Screening: Lessons Learned to Better Prepare for Future Waves, Subsequent Pandemics, and the Future of Diagnostic Testing in Canada
22 Jul 2022 Walking with the Arthritis community on the path forward towards Truth and Reconciliation
22 Jul 2022 Monkeypox in Canada: Diagnostics
20 Jul 2022 COVID Discussions: Where are we heading?
20 Jul 2022 PHO Webinar: Catch-Up of Routine and School Based Immunization
19 Jul 2022 COVID Data Discussions
19 Jul 2022 Monitoring Healthy Growth: Community Design & Perception Baseline Indicators
18 Jul 2022 Next Steps in COVID-19 Response in LTC: Engagement-capable environments
18 Jul 2022 PHO Webinar: Promoting Health: A (re)introduction to program planning
15 Jul 2022 Justice Advancement Through HPSR Decolonisation: Chipping Away at Structures and Processes
13 Jul 2022 How Safe Is Your Care? Building capacity for patient safety, together with patients and care partners
13 Jul 2022 Black Health Matters COVID-19: A Discussion of Preliminary Findings
12 Jul 2022 PHO Webinar: Anti-Black Racism: Ways forward for public health
12 Jul 2022 Driving Culturally Relevant System Initiatives at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
11 Jul 2022 Monkeypox Monday: Infection Prevention and Control
11 Jul 2022 PHO: Promoting Health: A (re)introduction to health promotion
11 Jul 2022 PHPC CPD Symposium 2022
08 Jul 2022 COVID-19 Community of Practice for Ontario Family Physicians
06 Jul 2022 PHO: Applying Resident and Family-Centred IPAC Principles in the Hospice Setting
05 Jul 2022 Caring for Children New to Canada: A Guide for Paediatricians
30 Jun 2022 CPHA: Introducing the Training and Education Hub to Address Sexual Health and Harm Reduction Stigma (the Hub)
29 Jun 2022 Preventing injuries and deaths during extreme heat events
29 Jun 2022 Monkeypox: Information for service providers in Canada
29 Jun 2022 PHAC: Building Partnerships to Build Capacity to Address Violence in Youth
29 Jun 2022 Antimicrobial Resistance and the Human Right to Health: A Knowledge Exchange Dialogue
28 Jun 2022 Finding the Cutoff: An in-​person discussion on how biases affect health data
24 Jun 2022 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice for Ontario Family Physicians
23 Jun 2022 Better Medicare: Health and Climate
23 Jun 2022 Monkeypox in Canada: what clinicians need to know
23 Jun 2022 Prenatal and Pediatric Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV): Room to improve the cascade of care?
23 Jun 2022 COVID-19, digitization, and hybrid workspaces: A critical inflection point for public sector governance and workforce development
23 Jun 2022 The Omicron tsunami
22 Jun 2022 COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 5: Finding Hope
22 Jun 2022 OCFP: Grief Medicine (Practising Wisely CoP)
21 Jun 2022 COVID Data and Methods Discussions Drop-In Zoom Sessions
21 Jun 2022 Food is Our Medicine: Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day
21 Jun 2022 Including AMR in Pandemic Instrument Design: Opportunities and Challenges
20 Jun 2022 Discover Indigenous and Canadian Art
20 Jun 2022 Visioning the Future: First Nations, Inuit, & Métis Population and Public Health Series – Environmental and Mental Health
15 Jun 2022 NCCID: COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar
15 Jun 2022 COVID-19 pre-exposure prophylaxis (prevention) with monoclonal antibodies
14 Jun 2022 Enhancing harm reduction education for service providers
14 Jun 2022 Is there an optimal daily movement pattern for heart health? A study of Canadian workers' activity tracker data
14 Jun 2022 CPHA Conference: Public Health 2022
13 Jun 2022 Conversations about pediatric vaccines in the context of COVID-19
13 Jun 2022 Next Steps in COVID-19 Response in Long-Term Care
13 Jun 2022 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum
10 Jun 2022 Visioning the Future: First Nations, Inuit, & Métis Population and Public Health Series – National Indigenous Organizations (ITK, MNC, AFN)
10 Jun 2022 Clinical Application of the Long-Term Care Fracture Prevention Recommendations for Frail Older Adults
10 Jun 2022 Revitalising Health Care Reform via the Pandemic: Sláintecare in Ireland
10 Jun 2022 Reimagining the Border between Human and Non-Human in Advancing the Right to Health
09 Jun 2022 What Can We Learn from Public Health Expenditure Data in Canada from 1975 to 2018?
09 Jun 2022 “What We Heard” Regarding the Proposed Framework for a Potential Pan-Canadian Formulary
09 Jun 2022 National LongCOVID Awareness Day
08 Jun 2022 Facing the health workforce challenge
08 Jun 2022 Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples’ Health in Canada
08 Jun 2022 Comprendre le programme canadien de soutien aux victimes d’une vaccination
08 Jun 2022 Multisolving: A promising strategy toward just and equitable futures
08 Jun 2022 COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 4: Discovering Courage
08 Jun 2022 Primary Health Care Conference: Building Equitable Futures Together
07 Jun 2022 International perspectives on Covid 19: ethics, equity and public health
07 Jun 2022 Maritime Mosquito Monitoring: Tracking range expansion and mosquito populations in Nova Scotia
06 Jun 2022 Rehabilitation and Recovery after COVID-19: Case discussions and Insights from the CANCOV Cohort
06 Jun 2022 Building Community Partnerships in Immunization Research
06 Jun 2022 Reorienting health services for health equity of older adults
03 Jun 2022 KT Connects - Knowledge democracy in action: Opening space for diverse ways of knowing
03 Jun 2022 CADTH Webinar: Using Labs Wisely
01 Jun 2022 Understanding Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program
01 Jun 2022 Exploring perspectives at the crossroads of climate change and health
31 May 2022 PHO Rounds: Gaming and Pandemics: Agile analysis in a time of crisis
31 May 2022 Culture and collaboration : supporting Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing.
30 May 2022 CVPD Seminar: Developing Point-of-Care Testing for COVID-19
30 May 2022 The Health Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution
28 May 2022 Future of Community Healthcare
27 May 2022 InfoWars: Journalism, Public Health and the Fight Against Disinformation
27 May 2022 Nature-Based Climate Change Adaptation Tools for Coastal Communities
27 May 2022 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice
26 May 2022 Research for Pandemic Recovery: What is the Path to Building Back Better?
26 May 2022 Fires, Floods & Hurricanes: Protecting Canadians by Identifying and Managing Threats to Safe Drinking Water
26 May 2022 Waves of Endemicity: Mathematical Models of Disease Persistence in Populations
26 May 2022 COVID-19 Research Showcase: Lessons learned and future directions
25 May 2022 Policed to Death: Over Policing in Black Communities as a Public Health Threat
25 May 2022 Coping with disaster: Mental health, substance use and financial concerns associated with online gambling during COVID-19
25 May 2022 STBBI Opt-Out testing in Provincial Correctional Settings
25 May 2022 Healthy Communities for Canadian Children: Reducing Air Pollution, Increasing Access to Greenspace, and Building Playable Neighbourhoods
25 May 2022 Trainee Research: Using Population Cohorts to Enable Early Cancer Detection
25 May 2022 Human Rights and Global Disparities in Access to COVID-19 Vaccines
25 May 2022 Letting go or living with anxiety
24 May 2022 COVID Data Discussions
24 May 2022 Environment, Climate and Kids: Time To Act
24 May 2022 CPHA: Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate: Chapter 6 - Infectious diseases
24 May 2022 Research to Improve Care for First Nations: An Example From Northwestern Ontario
24 May 2022 Pathways to Climate Resilience in Primary Health Care
24 May 2022 Research into action: How immunization research influences public health policy decisions in Canada
20 May 2022 Deep Medicine and the Care Revolution
19 May 2022 Royal College Research Forum Webinar: Lies, damned lies, and surveys: Designing better surveys for evaluation and research
19 May 2022 Practical Technologies that can Enable Ageing in Place
17 May 2022 Considerations for the Implementation of Canadian Remote Monitoring Programs for Cardiac Conditions: A Two-Part Webinar Series — Part 2: Implementation of remote monitoring programs
16 May 2022 Polio in Pakistan: Understanding the barriers to eradication
15 May 2022 International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) Conference: Promoting policies for health, well-being and equity
13 May 2022 OCFP: More on COVID treatment and prevention
12 May 2022 Incorporating Anti-Oppressive Principles Into Public Health Teaching - A Brief Introduction
12 May 2022 Anchor Institutions and Inter-Sectoral Action: Lessons from Hamilton
12 May 2022 Four Pillars of “Health in All Policies” for Sustainable Multisectoral Collaboration on Social Determinants of Health, Equity and Well-being
11 May 2022 COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 3: Recognizing Power
11 May 2022 ICES Research Forum: Data for impact: Informing the Future of Health
10 May 2022 Considerations for the Implementation of Canadian Remote Monitoring Programs for Cardiac Conditions: A Two-Part Webinar Series — Part 1: Remote monitoring: clinical considerations and the patient perspective
10 May 2022 Food insecurity, hunger, gender, and COVID-19
06 May 2022 Visioning the Future: First Nations, Inuit, & Métis Population and Public Health Series – Governance and Data
05 May 2022 Transportation Planning for Equity and Healthy Communities
05 May 2022 CanCOVID: COVID-19 Vaccine Safety
04 May 2022 Data Science Interdisciplinary Cluster Symposium - 2022
04 May 2022 First Nations’ Leadership on Climate Change – National and regional strategies of the Assembly of First Nations
04 May 2022 TOPHC 2022 Spring Workshop: Measuring What Counts in the Midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic: A tool for equity
04 May 2022 Choosing Wisely in Primary Care Series: Antibiotic Prescribing and your CPSO QI Requirements
03 May 2022 Human Challenge Trials: Moving Vaccine Development Forward?
03 May 2022 Banting, Bliss, and Beyond: Insulin 100, A Century of Science and Care
02 May 2022 A Scoping Review of Health Actor Approaches to Financing Universal Coverage Strategies for Pneumococcal and Rotavirus Immunization Programs in Low- And Middle-Income Countries
29 Apr 2022 Visions for Planetary Healing
28 Apr 2022 Restocking Your Vaccine Toolkit in 2022
28 Apr 2022 The 2021 Canadian Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System Report: Key Findings and Remaining Gaps
28 Apr 2022 Adult Vaccination Advocacy Toolkit: Empowering civil society to address policies that constitute barriers for improving adult vaccination rates
27 Apr 2022 Irreversible Extreme Heat: Protecting Canadians and Communities from a Lethal Future
27 Apr 2022 COVID-19 and Missed Routine Immunizations: Designing for Effective Catch-up in Canada
27 Apr 2022 NCCHPP: Striking a Balance Between Decentralization and Centralization in Public Health Systems
27 Apr 2022 PHO Learning Exchange: Addressing the Harm Reduction and Treatment Needs of Women and Gender Diverse People Who Use Drugs
27 Apr 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy and Postpartum
27 Apr 2022 Normalize don't Stigmatize: Let's talk about alcohol
26 Apr 2022 NCCDH: Digital literacy as an equity-focused strategy for older adults
26 Apr 2022 PHO Rounds: A Case Of Lead Poisoning from Traditional Medicines: Investigation, management, and solutions through multi-level public health collaboration
26 Apr 2022 CPHA: Beyond Stigma
26 Apr 2022 Road to Recovery for Routine Immunization: Lessons from COVID-19
25 Apr 2022 (New Date) Canadian Public Health Week: A Vision to Transform Canada's Public Health System
25 Apr 2022 IPAC Canada 2022 Virtual National Education Conference
22 Apr 2022 Healthcare Workers Are Not Border Agents: Border Controls, Immigration Policies and Status for All
22 Apr 2022 The 17-year gap: the origin, evolution and relevancy
22 Apr 2022 OCFP: All about Paxlovid
21 Apr 2022 OMATalks: Healthy Planet, Healthy Population
21 Apr 2022 How does climate change affect the food system?
21 Apr 2022 Working hard or hardly working? Fact-checking narratives of changing practice patterns and productivity in primary care
21 Apr 2022 PHO Rounds: Monitoring Population-Level Children’s Developmental Health at School Entry: Early Development Instrument in Ontario and Beyond
20 Apr 2022 Framework for Responsible Machine Learning: Applications for Population Health and Health Systems
20 Apr 2022 Conversations in Canadian Bioethics: Bioethics and Climate Change
20 Apr 2022 Co-creating policies and guidelines for STBBI care in correctional centres
20 Apr 2022 COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 2: Leading and Levers
19 Apr 2022 Health and Social Impacts of Long-term Evacuation due to Natural Disaster in First Nations Communities: A summary of lessons for public health
19 Apr 2022 A critical examination of Food Industry Partnerships and Practices
13 Apr 2022 NCCDH: Strengthening Community Connections
13 Apr 2022 TOPHC 2022 Spring Workshop: Using CIHI's Measuring Health Inequalities Toolkit to Advance Health Equity
12 Apr 2022 COVID Data Discussions
12 Apr 2022 NCCEH: Measuring success in food systems planning
12 Apr 2022 PHO Rounds: Public Health Nurse-Delivered Group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Postpartum Depression
12 Apr 2022 CPAC: Physical activity and cancer in Canada
12 Apr 2022 The employment quality of persons with disabilities: findings from a national survey
11 Apr 2022 CVPD Seminar: Population-based incidence of pneumococcal disease in Ontario and British Columbia, 2005-2018: a Canadian Immunization Research Network (CIRN) study
08 Apr 2022 Visioning the Future: First Nations, Inuit, & Métis Population and Public Health Series – Determinants of Health
08 Apr 2022 CCHE Seminar Series: Organizing and Financing Public Health Systems in Canada
08 Apr 2022 OCFP COVID-19 Community of Practice: Strategies for an equitable recovery and the latest on 4th doses, immunity and more
06 Apr 2022 COVID-19 Update: Expert Q&A with Public Health, Primary Care, Vaccine, Epidemiology, and Lab Specialists
06 Apr 2022 COVID Discussions: Fourth Dose
06 Apr 2022 Canadian Public Health Week: Advocacy for income as a social determinant of health: Lessons learned from the Basic Income and Decent Work movements
06 Apr 2022 Is Public Health Education & Training Adequately Responding to Emergencies?
06 Apr 2022 Disseminating to the Front Lines: How can Public Health Communicate with Primary Care?
06 Apr 2022 Canadian Public Health Week: The impact of COVID-19 on public health: Comparing experiences & sharing recommendations for the future
06 Apr 2022 PHAC’s Approach to Vaccine Confidence in COVID and Beyond: Focus on Children
06 Apr 2022 Launch webinar of the WHO guide for evidence-informed decision-making
05 Apr 2022 Great Powers, Climate Change and Global Environmental Responsibilities
05 Apr 2022 Canadian Public Health Week: Our Planet, Our Health, Our Public Health Responsibility
05 Apr 2022 Lunch 'n' Learn: COVID-19 and indoor air quality - how community spaces can reduce transmission using ventilation, filtration and ultra-violet disinfection
05 Apr 2022 2022 CADTH Information Session
04 Apr 2022 CVPD Seminar: Breakthrough infections in healthcare workers vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2: Interim report from the COVID-19 Cohort Study
01 Apr 2022 Using consensus to build clinical practice and clinical research capacity
01 Apr 2022 Safe Work Integration of Immigrants and Refugees: Employer Perspectives
31 Mar 2022 Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of families and caregivers with children and/or youth with support needs
31 Mar 2022 UBC: 4th Annual Global Health Conference
31 Mar 2022 Indigenous Qualitative Data Collection Workshop
30 Mar 2022 Health Policy for the Anthropocene
30 Mar 2022 CATIE: Health navigation services for people who use drugs
30 Mar 2022 COVID-19 and Racialized Communities: Impacts on Mental Health
29 Mar 2022 Q&A with BC and Quebec Experts on the Clinical Management of COVID-19
29 Mar 2022 The Economics of Primary Care Post COVID
29 Mar 2022 CanCOVID: COVID-19 Disinformation / Misinformation Among Black Canadians
29 Mar 2022 Five Good Ideas about using human-centred design for social change
29 Mar 2022 Public Health Systems Governance: Better Understanding and Acting on Governance to Strengthen Public Health Systems in Canada
29 Mar 2022 Food for thought: Contextualizing Food Insecurity on Adverse Mental Health Outcomes for Youth & Caregivers
28 Mar 2022 Introduction to Machine Learning in Health Informatics
28 Mar 2022 PHO: A Conversation on Anti-Racism in Substance Use Work
25 Mar 2022 COVID-19 Community of Practice: Covid Recovery
24 Mar 2022 Health Canada’s new lead guideline and results of an Indigenous Services Canada, FNIHB drinking water sampling survey in children's facilities
24 Mar 2022 School Health: From the Kitchen Table to the Classroom
24 Mar 2022 Cultural Competence in Health Care: Delivering Culturally Appropriate Care for Tuberculosis in Indigenous Communities
23 Mar 2022 Bioethics for the Anthropocene
23 Mar 2022 Indigenous Research Ethics Monthly Workshop #3 - Relationship & Partnership
23 Mar 2022 NCCDH: Community engagement for equity and healthy aging
23 Mar 2022 CanPath: COVID-19 Antibody Study Results
23 Mar 2022 CPHA: Epidemiological and predictive modelling of recreational water quality risks at Canadian beaches
23 Mar 2022 Understanding unconscious bias and its role in practice
23 Mar 2022 The impact of cannabis legalization on cannabis and alcohol use in Ontario
23 Mar 2022 CanCOVID: The Importance of Pediatric Vaccination
23 Mar 2022 OCFP: When your head hurts too much...
22 Mar 2022 CanCOVID: Consideration of Trade-Offs Regarding COVID-19 Containment Measures in the United States
22 Mar 2022 CATIE: PrEP - Where are we going?
21 Mar 2022 Partnerships for Global Health: A Canadian Perspective
18 Mar 2022 Roles of Occupational Hygienist in Healthcare during COVID Pandemic
18 Mar 2022 CANVax: Bâtir la confiance envers les vaccins avant, durant et après la grossesse
18 Mar 2022 Embedding Intersectionality, Anti-Racism and Decolonial Approaches in Educational Systems
17 Mar 2022 Building COVID-19 vaccine confidence before, during and after pregnancy
17 Mar 2022 CADTH: 10 Trends Shaping the Future of Health Care in Canada
17 Mar 2022 (Mis)information and (Mis)communication
16 Mar 2022 Research in action: Misinformation in newcomer communities
16 Mar 2022 COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 1: Listening Deeply
16 Mar 2022 Responding to Forced Displacement Due to Climate Change
15 Mar 2022 Towards an Intersectional Climate Response: Tackling Environmental Racism
15 Mar 2022 CanCOVID: A Terrible Toll and Stories of Resilience - COVID-19 and Canadian Long-Term Care Workers
14 Mar 2022 CIHI Long-Term Care Data and Measurement
12 Mar 2022 A Panel Discussion on Planetary Health: Policy, Practice & Research
11 Mar 2022 Anti-Oppression in Health Care & Sciences: Learner-Led Virtual Symposium
11 Mar 2022 The Shared Strategies of Health-Harming Corporations to Influence the Policy Process
11 Mar 2022 Seminar Series: Research Needs for a Climate Positive Health System
10 Mar 2022 What the Numbers Say: Endemicity - What’s Next?
10 Mar 2022 Vaccines for Older Adults: Going beyond COVID-19
10 Mar 2022 How to use motivational interviewing in conversations with patients who are vaccine hesitant
10 Mar 2022 NCCIH: Indigenous Peoples’ perspectives on climate change and water safety and security
10 Mar 2022 Alcohol consumption, harms, and treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic
10 Mar 2022 Opportunities and Optimism for Health Promotion
10 Mar 2022 Putting Patients First 2022: Listening, Learning, Collaborating and Changing
09 Mar 2022 The CCB in Challenging Impasses around Substitute Decision-Making
09 Mar 2022 Introducing the “Public Health History Archives”
09 Mar 2022 Indigenous Research Ethics Monthly Workshop #2 - Respect and Reciprocity
09 Mar 2022 Substance Use Health: The Doorways to Stigma Free Health Outcomes
08 Mar 2022 Indigenous Foodways to Sustain Wellness Webinar
08 Mar 2022 CanCOVID: Women's Issues in Pandemic Times - How COVID-19 Has Exacerbated Gender Inequities for Women in Canada and Around the World
08 Mar 2022 Climate Change and Health in the Americas
08 Mar 2022 The (Responsible) Use of Race Data in Social Epidemiology
08 Mar 2022 Cannabis use and the risk of workplace injury: Findings from a longitudinal study of Canadian workers
07 Mar 2022 TAIBU Community Health Centre: Understanding Black Mental Health
07 Mar 2022 Social prescribing as a pathway to well-being
04 Mar 2022 OCFP COVID-19 Community of Practice: From pandemic to endemic? What’s next with COVID
03 Mar 2022 NCCMT: The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Lower-Risk Nicotine Use Guidelines
02 Mar 2022 CancerCare Manitoba: Increased Risk Colorectal Cancer Screening and Follow-Up
02 Mar 2022 Strengthening Workers' Rights in the New World of Work
02 Mar 2022 21st-century HPV prevention program: Addressing misinformation and rapidly adopting successful actions
01 Mar 2022 CanCOVID: Implementation of a Text-Based Service to Support Population Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic
01 Mar 2022 Supporting perinatal mental health during COVID-19
01 Mar 2022 The Reality of Virtual Care: Learning from the pandemic
28 Feb 2022 Investigating anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody responses in the saliva following COVID-19 vaccination
25 Feb 2022 Promoting inclusive KT: Physical activity practices for children and youth with diverse abilities
25 Feb 2022 The ON NEIHR Indigenous Suicide Prevention and Complex Crisis Response
24 Feb 2022 NCCEH: The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change: Two different, but equally important, crises having major psychosocial impacts
24 Feb 2022 WBIIH: PHAC Report Launch 2021
23 Feb 2022 Nourish Leadership: Food is Relationships
23 Feb 2022 Experiences of Cannabis and Mental Health: Youth
23 Feb 2022 Cultural Safety, Ethical Spaces, and Paradigm Shifts: Sharing the Journey of the Promoting Life Together Collaborative
23 Feb 2022 CanCOVID: Omicron and other variants of concern: finding our way forward.
23 Feb 2022 Fidelity as part of a learning health care system: Lessons learned in Early Psychosis Intervention
23 Feb 2022 OCFP: Navigating undifferentiated distress during the pandemic
22 Feb 2022 Managing Mild-Moderate COVID-19 Disease in Patients: Evidence-Based Guidance in BC and Ontario
22 Feb 2022 WBIIH: Teachings on the Mind from an Anishnaabe Perspective
22 Feb 2022 NCCDH: Equitable and age-friendly communities
18 Feb 2022 Work and health risks faced by digital platform drivers during COVID-19
18 Feb 2022 OCFP: The Omicron Aftermath: Post-acute COVID and Physician Wellness
17 Feb 2022 NCCEH: Quebec’s health alert system for cold weather events
17 Feb 2022 NCCIH: Indigenous Peoples, Food Safety and Security and Climate Change in Canada
17 Feb 2022 CancerCare Manitoba: CervixCheck Competency Training
16 Feb 2022 Une vision éclairée par des données probantes concernant l’établissement d’un système de données en santé publique au Canada
16 Feb 2022 Experiences of Cannabis and Mental Health: Priority Populations
16 Feb 2022 Research in action: Knowledge mobilization in the immigrant and refugee-serving sector
16 Feb 2022 PHO: Enhancing Engagement - Advanced skills in virtual home visiting
16 Feb 2022 What Is Leadership in a Pandemic?
15 Feb 2022 CanCOVID: Public Health Measures and Child Health During COVID-19
14 Feb 2022 Using electronic health records to accelerate research without sacrificing scientific rigor
14 Feb 2022 Update on Vaccines and Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) in Long-Term Care
11 Feb 2022 Achieving Net Zero: Energy Transitions and the Art of Governing Public Health
10 Feb 2022 On Modelling the Economic Impacts of Policy Responses to Pandemics
10 Feb 2022 A conversation with experts in England and the United States on the COVID-19 pandemic
09 Feb 2022 NCCEH: Understanding community designs that support healthy aging, reduce social isolation, and advance equity for older adults
09 Feb 2022 An Evidence-Informed Vision for a Public Health Data System in Canada
08 Feb 2022 CanCOVID: Family and Staff Perspectives on Implementing Visitation Programs in Nursing Homes During COVID-19 Restrictions
08 Feb 2022 PHO Rounds: Novel Disease Surveillance Tools for the Next Pandemic
08 Feb 2022 Development and implementation of a framework for estimating the economic benefits of an accessible and inclusive society
07 Feb 2022 Centre for Vaccine Preventable Disease - Dr. Gebremedhin Gebretekle
04 Feb 2022 Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency
04 Feb 2022 Exploring COVID-19 cases and outbreaks by industry
04 Feb 2022 OCFP: Responding to the Omicron surge - Part 2
03 Feb 2022 Opening ourselves: An introduction to anti-oppression practices and frameworks (part 2)
02 Feb 2022 Medical Assistance in Dying for Patients Diagnosed with Brain Cancer
02 Feb 2022 NCCHPP: Public Policy Competencies for Public Health
02 Feb 2022 CPHA: The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion @ 35
01 Feb 2022 CanCOVID: COVID-19 Data Modelling from Alberta's Integrated Wastewater Monitoring Program
31 Jan 2022 CASCADES: Canada's COP26 Health Programme Commitment - What's Next?
27 Jan 2022 Children, youth, and families in Saskatchewan coping with mental health during the first year of COVID-19 pandemic
27 Jan 2022 The Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Webinar Series: Who to House in Housing First
27 Jan 2022 All for one and one for all: how patient safety starts with healthcare workers
27 Jan 2022 Children's Healthcare Canada: Immunizing Children With Confidence
26 Jan 2022 Joint Centre for Bioethics: Advanced AI and Healthcare - Is Consent Really in Jeopardy?
26 Jan 2022 Health Inc: Corporations, capitalism, and commercial determinants of health (Seminar #3)
26 Jan 2022 Alliance for Healthier Communities: Vax for the Future: Equity, Community and Trust
26 Jan 2022 OCFP: Working with patient social losses through the pandemic
25 Jan 2022 NCCEH: Spatially exploring COVID-19 risks in BC’s neighbourhoods
25 Jan 2022 CanCOVID: The COVENANT Study: COVID-19 Cohort Study of People Experiencing Homelessness in Toronto
25 Jan 2022 Driving Adult Vaccination Policy: Combatting ageism as a policy lever in the delivery of vaccines in long-term care facilities
24 Jan 2022 CanCOVID: How long does COVID-19 immunity last? Waning immunity, boosters, and dosing intervals
24 Jan 2022 Community Outreach and Engagement in the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
21 Jan 2022 How can Canada support recovery efforts in the global south in the wake of the pandemic?
20 Jan 2022 NCCDH: Public policy for equity and healthy aging
19 Jan 2022 Evaluating the Toronto Region Hospitals COVID-19 Visitor Policy
18 Jan 2022 CADTH: Information Session on a Proposed Framework for a Potential Pan-Canadian Formulary
18 Jan 2022 WBIIH: Exploring Education and Mental Health Through the Voices of Indigenous Youth Who Have Experienced Homelessness
17 Jan 2022 CVPD Seminar - An equity-focused evaluation of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout
12 Jan 2022 PHO: The Neurobiology of Trauma, Attachment and Substance Use: How relationships built during the COVID-19 pandemic offer hope and healing
11 Jan 2022 CanCOVID: A Portrait of Omicron to Date - What We Know and Projected Consequences
11 Jan 2022 PHO Rounds: The Health of the Canadian Armed Forces: A unique healthcare experience
07 Jan 2022 OCFP: Managing COVID-19 in the Community
06 Jan 2022 Lessons Learned from COVID-19: Getting our HPV immunization programs back on track
29 Dec 2021 OCFP: Q&A on the Omicron situation in Ontario
22 Dec 2021 PHO: IPAC PPE Acute Care
20 Dec 2021 COVID-19 Immunity Task Force (CITF) & CanCOVID Seminar Series: Research Results & Implications​
17 Dec 2021 OCFP: The latest on Omicron and what it means for you and your practice
16 Dec 2021 NCCEH: Infection prevention and control infractions and Ontario personal service settings
16 Dec 2021 The omicron variant of COVID-19: How to keep our communities safe
16 Dec 2021 PHO: Implementation and Application of Next Generation Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 in B.C.
15 Dec 2021 CIHR: Accessing and Using Healthy Cities Data / Acquisition et utilisation de données sur les villes en santé
15 Dec 2021 Meaningfully Engaging People With Lived Experience in Research/Evaluation
15 Dec 2021 OCFP: Practising Well - Chronic Pain - Fibromyalgia
14 Dec 2021 Vaccin contre la COVID-19 autorisé pour usage pédiatrique au Canada
14 Dec 2021 What the future of work looks like to young people with disabilities
13 Dec 2021 Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases Seminar - Dr. Segun Ogundele
13 Dec 2021 Health Inc: Corporations, capitalism, and commercial determinants of health (Part 2)
13 Dec 2021 NCCID: COVID-19 vaccine for pediatric use in Canada
10 Dec 2021 Cancer risk among firefighters in the Norwegian Fire Departments Cohort
09 Dec 2021 PHO: COVID-19 Vaccination in Dialysis Patients
09 Dec 2021 Fight the flu and COVID-19 too: influenza vaccination in December and beyond and practical approaches to co-administration of vaccines in adults
08 Dec 2021 Addressing HIV and COVID-19: Gaps and opportunities
08 Dec 2021 Canadian Immunization Conference
08 Dec 2021 Accessibility in the face of a pandemic: How inclusive features are undermined in health crises, and what we can do to improve
07 Dec 2021 CanCOVID: Anticipating and Responding to Knowledge Translation Needs During a Pandemic
07 Dec 2021 Friesen Roundtable - Pandemic Preparedness: Science Informing Policy
06 Dec 2021 Promising Practices for Supporting Long Term Care Providers Resilience
06 Dec 2021 For the Love of Nurses: The 4Cs of Wellness - Courage, Connection, Care, and Compassion
03 Dec 2021 Building Relationships and Partnerships Between Indigenous Communities and Health Organizations
03 Dec 2021 Understanding Vulnerabilities in Children and Families Post-Pandemic
03 Dec 2021 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice
01 Dec 2021 NCCIH: Taking Stock of the Calls to Action on Sport and Reconciliation for First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples
01 Dec 2021 HIV cascade of care: integrating lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic
30 Nov 2021 CanCOVID: Canadians' Perceptions of Face Masks and Reactions to Public Health Messaging Early in the COVID-19 Pandemic ​
30 Nov 2021 WHO and DLSPH: Misinformation Kills - Learn How to Counter It with WHO's Operation Fides
29 Nov 2021 CVPD: Global equity in vaccination programs and Canada’s role
29 Nov 2021 The COVID Debate
26 Nov 2021 Getting Kids Back to Being Kids: COVID-19 Vaccinations for Children 5-11
25 Nov 2021 OMATalks: A Strong Health-Care System is Key to a Strong Economy
25 Nov 2021 NCCEH: The British Columbia Radon Data Repository – What is it and how can we use it?
25 Nov 2021 CIHR: Tackling the opioid overdose crisis - What the research says
25 Nov 2021 CAHS: The straw that broke the camel’s back: Health workers during the pandemic
25 Nov 2021 Canada's role: Agenda 2030 National Strategy and Factors Influencing Federal Uptake of the SDGs
24 Nov 2021 Learning to play your CARDs: Improving the childhood vaccination experience
24 Nov 2021 Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Trends in CNISP Hospitals | Tendances de la résistance aux antimicrobiens (RAM) dans les hôpitaux du PCSIN
24 Nov 2021 2021 One Health and Zoonoses Symposium
24 Nov 2021 OCFP:Providing trauma-informed care (including PTSD)
23 Nov 2021 CanCOVID: Quantifying Nursing Workload During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Simulation Approach
23 Nov 2021 PHO Rounds: Spread Awareness, Stop Resistance: Antimicrobial stewardship amid the COVID-19 pandemic
23 Nov 2021 Solutions to Increase Youth Human Papillomavirus Immunization in Canada: A National Quality Improvement Project
23 Nov 2021 Joint Centre for Bioethics: Health AI Ethics + Governance: The WHO Guidance, Can It Make a Difference?
23 Nov 2021 CATIE: Beyond the cure - Hepatitis C and liver health after treatment
23 Nov 2021 Public and expert perceptions of climate change and health: Focus on infectious disease
22 Nov 2021 NCCID: An Evaluation of One Health Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance
22 Nov 2021 Health Inc: Corporations, capitalism, and commercial determinants of health
19 Nov 2021 CanCOVID: COVID-19 in Canada - Disparities, Compliance with Preventative Measures, and Mental Health
19 Nov 2021 OCFP: Changing the way we work
18 Nov 2021 Something in the Air: Aerosol and Pandemics
17 Nov 2021 Joint Centre for Bioethics: Research or Not Research? This Is Not the Question for Public Health Emergencies
17 Nov 2021 The impact of COVID-19 on hepatitis C services
16 Nov 2021 CanCOVID: COVID-19, Past and Future Pandemics – Anything New at the Science-Media-Policy Intersection?​
16 Nov 2021 PHO Rounds: Public Health 2.0: Black health, COVID-19 & Vaccines
16 Nov 2021 Revaccination avec les vaccins contre la COVID-19 après une anaphylaxie
15 Nov 2021 PHAC: Revaccination with COVID-19 Vaccines after Anaphylaxis
15 Nov 2021 Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases - COVID Vaccine Consensus (CVC) Working Group on Delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in LMICs
10 Nov 2021 Joint Centre for Bioethics: 100 Years of Insulin - Medical Success, Ethical Mess?
10 Nov 2021 CATIE: HIV peer health navigation - Moving programs forward
10 Nov 2021 Wellesley Institute: Climate change and health
10 Nov 2021 CPAC - Alcohol Policy Actions (Alcohol Policy Webinar Series)
10 Nov 2021 CIPHI Ontario Seminar Series: Safety Considerations for Home-Canned Food
10 Nov 2021 OCFP Practising Wisely CoP: Getting Off the Path to Burnout
09 Nov 2021 CanCOVID: Patterns and Descriptors of COVID-19 in Manitoba
09 Nov 2021 Institute for Work and Health: Uncovering the impact of a depressive episode on employment earnings of Canadian workers
05 Nov 2021 OCFP: COVID-19 vaccination in children
04 Nov 2021 Greenness, public health and adapting to climate change
03 Nov 2021 NCCHPP: Collaborating with Municipalities - A Practical Point of View
03 Nov 2021 Wellesley Institute: Income inequality and Health
03 Nov 2021 HIV self-testing: Putting it into practice
03 Nov 2021 CPAC - Public Health Communication Approaches to Alcohol (Alcohol Policy Webinar Series)
03 Nov 2021 HPV Global Action: The Role of HPV Testing in the Acceleration of the Elimination of Cervical Cancer
02 Nov 2021 CanCOVID: The Shadow Pandemic: Intimate Partner Violence and Brain Injury
02 Nov 2021 PHO Rounds: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Routine Immunizations in Alberta
01 Nov 2021 Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases - Understanding parental vaccine hesitancy in Canada
29 Oct 2021 Webinaire de l'ASPC : Vaccination contre la grippe saisonnière 2021-2022
29 Oct 2021 PHO - Learning Exchange - Supports for workers responding to overdoses in Ontario
28 Oct 2021 WBIIH: A Trauma-Informed Land-Based Response to COVID-19 in the City of Toronto
28 Oct 2021 Seminar Series from CITF and CanCOVID​ Protecting Canada's Long-Term Care Residents from COVID-19: The Evidence Behind the Policies
28 Oct 2021 CPHA: Modelling the future of Arctic fox rabies dynamics and associated risk management
27 Oct 2021 Wellesley Institute: Housing and Health
27 Oct 2021 CATIE: Peer navigation for Indigenous women in HIV and hepatitis C care
27 Oct 2021 PHAC Webinar for Health Care Providers: Seasonal Influenza Immunization 2021-2022
27 Oct 2021 HEIA: Ensuring no one is left behind - The Virtual Care Equity Matrix
27 Oct 2021 CPAC - Alcohol Use, Cost and Harm (Alcohol Policy Webinar Series)
27 Oct 2021 OCFP: Burnout and Balance (Practising Wisely CoP)
26 Oct 2021 CanCOVID: Visitation Experiences in Long-Term Care Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Role of Technology
26 Oct 2021 Public health and law enforcement in partnership: What does the public need to know about illegal cannabis?
26 Oct 2021 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on immunization coverage: Data from a network of practices in Ontario
26 Oct 2021 CPHA: Exploratory study of the presence of invasive mosquito species in Leamington, Ontario
26 Oct 2021 PHO Rounds: Novel Disease Surveillance Tools for the Next Pandemic
25 Oct 2021 Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases - COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness and Safety in Canada: Where are we now?
25 Oct 2021 IUSTI - l’UIIT Canada: A new model for gonorrhea control in Canada: Surveillance, new way of selecting best therapeutics and maybe a vaccine?
22 Oct 2021 Science Advice During a Time of Crisis
22 Oct 2021 The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: Policy Brief for Canada 2021
22 Oct 2021 PHO: Path to Success: Becoming an Infection Prevention and Control Rock Star with Your Program Review
22 Oct 2021 OCFP COVID-19 CoP: Testing for COVID-19 and “last mile” vaccination
20 Oct 2021 Beyond Heroes: Building Supportive Work Cultures in Health Care
20 Oct 2021 NCCMT: Engaging Public and Patient Partners in Rapid Reviews
20 Oct 2021 Wellesley Institute: COVID-19 Community Impacts
20 Oct 2021 CATIE: PrEP - Where are we now?
20 Oct 2021 Cannabis Webinar Series - Clinical and Mental Health Implications Part II
20 Oct 2021 CPAC - Alcohol and Cancer (Alcohol Policy Webinar Series)
19 Oct 2021 CanCOVID: Long-COVID - Diagnosis and Treatment
19 Oct 2021 Pegasus Institute: COVID Vaccine Equity
19 Oct 2021 Resilience in Children & Families: The Brain Story in Action for Policymakers and Practitioners
18 Oct 2021 PHO: The Value of Certification in Infection Prevention and Control
14 Oct 2021 Canadian Academy of Health Sciences - Racism in Healthcare
14 Oct 2021 Cochrane Convenes: Preparing for and responding to global health emergencies
13 Oct 2021 CADTH: The Implications of Long COVID
13 Oct 2021 CPHA: Keeping our Eye on the Ball - Maintaining Routine Seasonal Influenza Immunization during the COVID-19 Pandemic
13 Oct 2021 Reducing Vaccine Hesitancy: Behavioural Science Insights to Promote COVID Vaccines for Younger Kids
12 Oct 2021 CanCOVID: Leading Through COVID - Lessons Learned to Date
12 Oct 2021 CPHA: From prey to hunter - Training mosquito- and tick-borne diseases education ambassadors to meet outreach and surveillance challenges in Canada
12 Oct 2021 Cannabis Webinar Series - Clinical and Mental Health Implications Part I
08 Oct 2021 OCFP: Changing the way we work
07 Oct 2021 Center for Vaccine Preventable Diseases: Global Vaccine Market Shaping
06 Oct 2021 Access Alliance: Real Steps to Language Access in Health Systems - A Panel Discussion
06 Oct 2021 The role of healthcare professionals in the promotion of cancer prevention through HPV vaccination
06 Oct 2021 CPHA: Public Health 2021
05 Oct 2021 Cannabis Webinar Series - Policy Impacts
05 Oct 2021 CATIE: Ontario’s overdose crisis - Addressing inhalation and stimulant use
05 Oct 2021 Infectious Disease & Climate Change Forum
05 Oct 2021 Fourth International Housing First Conference
05 Oct 2021 TOPHC 2021 Fall Workshop: Indigenous Cultural Safety
05 Oct 2021 TOPHC 2021 Fall Workshop: Risk Communications
05 Oct 2021 Practising Wisely (Workshop): Reducing Unnecessary Testing and Treatment
04 Oct 2021 Tackling Stigma – the Unresolved Barrier to Achieving Good Health: A Panel Discussion
30 Sep 2021 Extreme Heat, Forest Fires and the Role of the Built Environment
30 Sep 2021 CanPath: The Canadian Network for Advanced Interdisciplinary Methods (CAN-AIM) in Comparative Effectiveness Research
30 Sep 2021 Decolonizing Child Welfare Webinar Panel
30 Sep 2021 Close-to-community providers, gender and COVID-19 webinar
29 Sep 2021 Sustainability in Healthcare Roundtable Discussion
29 Sep 2021 WBIIH: ON NEIHR Webinar Series - Dr. Mikaela Gabriel
29 Sep 2021 Joint Centre for Bioethics: The Scope of Clinical Ethics - Letting Go of Moral Distress
29 Sep 2021 NCCEH: Mobilizing Environmental Data to Build Healthier Cities for All
29 Sep 2021 PHO: Indigenous Lead Talking Circle(s) - Overview, Stories, & Reflections
29 Sep 2021 Risks and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canada's kids, their parents, and teachers: Latest research results and policy implications
29 Sep 2021 CATIE: Dealing with the delta wave - COVID-19 update for communities affected by HIV
29 Sep 2021 University of Toronto's Indigenous Research Network Launch Event
28 Sep 2021 Film Review and Discussion: Indian Horse
28 Sep 2021 CanCOVID: Nurses' Experiences with Mental Health Leaves of Absence Pre and Post COVID-19: Preliminary Qualitative Findings
28 Sep 2021 PHO Rounds: It’s Not Just COVID-19 Anymore - The update on Influenza for the 2021-22 Season
28 Sep 2021 CPHA: Emerging vector-borne diseases in Eastern Ontario - Eco-epidemiological research in action
28 Sep 2021 Estimating the nature and extent of claim suppression in British Columbia's workers' compensation system
27 Sep 2021 Vaccine Passports/Certificates: Law, Ethics & Policy
27 Sep 2021 Health Equity and Transformation through Community Advocacy
27 Sep 2021 CADTH: National Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action - Opportunities and Challenges for Health Care
23 Sep 2021 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on routine immunization programs
23 Sep 2021 PHO: Slowing the spread - A risk-based case prioritization model to manage surging cases of COVID-19
22 Sep 2021 CanCOVID: Therapeutic Advances in the Treatment of COVID-19
22 Sep 2021 NCCDH: Promoting the Health of Older Adults - The Canadian Experience
22 Sep 2021 OCFP: School, students and substances: Adolescent mental health in the pandemic
21 Sep 2021 CanCOVID: Navigating the Pandemic's Most Difficult Decisions: Science, Policy, and Ethics
21 Sep 2021 NCCIH: Webinar on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias in Indigenous Populations
21 Sep 2021 The Centre for Implementation: Practical Guidance for Embodying Equity in Implementation
17 Sep 2021 PHO: Learning Exchange - Risk of Novel Synthetic Opioids in Ontario
17 Sep 2021 COVID-19 Community of Practice for Ontario Family Physicians
16 Sep 2021 PHO Microbiology Rounds: COVID-19 Diagnostics to Save Lives and Livelihoods
16 Sep 2021 CPHA: Involuntary Stabilization Care of Youth Who Overdose (Part 2)
16 Sep 2021 Save-the-Date: North American Refugee Health Conference
15 Sep 2021 CPHA: Infectious Disease and Climate Change
15 Sep 2021 PHO: Factors that Promote Program Sustainability - A Deep Dive
14 Sep 2021 CanCOVID: Understanding COVID-19 risk, vaccine confidence, and immunogenicity in the South Asian population in Canada
13 Sep 2021 Getting to Zero: Solving Homelessness
09 Sep 2021 Supporting children, adolescents, and young adults as they resume the "new normal"
09 Sep 2021 PHO Rounds: STI/HIV Self-Testing in Ontario: The GetaKit Study
07 Sep 2021 Integrating quantitative and qualitative evidence in systematic reviews: The JBI approach to Mixed Methods Systematic Reviews
07 Sep 2021 CanCOVID: The Ontario Modelling Consensus Table - An Overview of Methods and Current Projections
02 Sep 2021 PHO Rounds: Hepatitis C in Ontario: Testing, Direct-Acting Antiviral Prescribing and Implications for Hepatitis C Elimination
01 Sep 2021 ADHD diagnosis in the landscape of COVID
31 Aug 2021 CAHS: Dialogue Series with Dr. Allison and O'Campo
26 Aug 2021 Return to Classroom: Challenges and considerations
26 Aug 2021 NCCEH: Impact of Climate Change and Wild Weather on Mental and Physical Health, Lost Time From Work and the Need to Prepare
25 Aug 2021 OMATalks: COVID-19 Impact on Mental Health - What We Need to Do Now
25 Aug 2021 Better Together: Recommitting to Family Presence
25 Aug 2021 OCFP: The role of mindfulness in the areas of mental health, substance use disorders and chronic pain
24 Aug 2021 Interactive Workshop on A Rights-based Approach to Indigenous Health
22 Aug 2021 Canadian Medical Association Annual General Meeting
22 Aug 2021 Thriving in a reimagined culture of medicine: What does it mean to be “healthy”?
20 Aug 2021 OCFP: The vaccine, virus and in-person visits as we head into Fall
18 Aug 2021 Living health equity values part 2: Promoting alignment between intention and practice
10 Aug 2021 PHO Rounds: Beyond Flu - Trends in respiratory infection outbreaks in Ontario healthcare settings from 2007 to 2017, and implications for non-influenza outbreak management
09 Aug 2021 NCCDH: Health equity in student research - Sexualized violence services and pandemic homelessness policy
30 Jul 2021 Living and Dying on the Streets - The Canadian Perspective on Palliative Care for People Experiencing Homelessness
29 Jul 2021 PHO Microbiology Rounds: Quality Framework for Point-of-Care Testing in Ontario
29 Jul 2021 CANVax/Immunize Canada Webinar: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on immunization services, results from a survey of physicians in Ontario
29 Jul 2021 Enhancing Coming of Age (COA), a wellness program, for Oneida youth that combines Indigenous healing with Western practices
29 Jul 2021 Women in Leadership: A Coming Together Celebration
28 Jul 2021 NCCEH: Protecting the health of Canadians and Canadian workers on our warming planet
28 Jul 2021 OCFP: Appropriate opioid prescribing for chronic pain
26 Jul 2021 CAHS: Dialogue with Dr. Bonnie Henry
23 Jul 2021 KT Connects - Knowledge translation and public engagement: Using theory to build practice during the COVID-19 crisis
22 Jul 2021 NCCID: COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitance - Conversations with Primary Care
21 Jul 2021 The road to equitable vaccinations for COVID-19 in Global Settings
20 Jul 2021 CanCOVID: SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence in Vancouver District Schools
20 Jul 2021 NEIHR Ontario –July Webinar Series with Dr. Maile Tauali‘i
20 Jul 2021 Cultural Talk Series: Traditional Role and Responsibilities of Men - Part 1 of 3
20 Jul 2021 PHO Rounds: COVID-19 and HVAC - A Practical Perspective
19 Jul 2021 Dalla Lana School of Public Health: One on One with Steini
15 Jul 2021 PHO Rounds: Partnering with Primary Care in the Vaccine Response
14 Jul 2021 Variants, vaccines and HIV care: COVID-19 information for people with HIV and their service providers
14 Jul 2021 PHU Experiences and Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Outbreak Response in Shelters across Ontario - Session 1: Vaccination Strategies
13 Jul 2021 CanCOVID: The Role of Ventilation and Filtration in Reducing COVID-19 Transmission
13 Jul 2021 PHO Rounds: Wastewater Surveillance of COVID-19 - Potential Applications, Challenges, and Experiences in Ontario
12 Jul 2021 Results from Canadian Seroprevalence Study
09 Jul 2021 Changes to Immigration Policy During COVID-19
09 Jul 2021 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice
06 Jul 2021 CATIE: Connecting with hepatitis C care during COVID-19
06 Jul 2021 CADTH: An Update on COVID-19 Vaccines
06 Jul 2021 Pandemic Recovery and Resilience - Planning for a healthier health workforce
30 Jun 2021 PHO: The Role of IPAC in Construction, Renovation, Maintenance and Design in Long-term Care Settings
29 Jun 2021 CanCOVID: Increased use of birth interventions in response to COVID-19. Findings from a Canada-wide qualitative study
29 Jun 2021 PHO Events: Managing long-term care home (LTCH) COVID-19 VOC outbreaks in the post-vaccine era
29 Jun 2021 CPHA: The impact of lethal rat control techniques on the ecology of climate-driven vector-borne zoonotic pathogens: focus on Bartonella spp.
29 Jun 2021 CATIE: COVID-19 vaccine access for communities affected by HIV and hepatitis C
29 Jun 2021 The pandemic is gendered: Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on women in Bangladesh, Kenya, and Nigeria
28 Jun 2021 Implications for the frontlines: Programming highlights from CAHR 2021
28 Jun 2021 ASPC : Webinaire sur les Variants et Vaccins
25 Jun 2021 Overcoming five anxieties in population health knowledge translation (KT) literature
25 Jun 2021 WHO closing plenary of the global ad hoc conference on communicating science during health emergencies
24 Jun 2021 CanCOVID Workshop: Indigenous Community Engagement During COVID-19
24 Jun 2021 NCCEH: Climate-health adaptation planning - Two approaches, one shared learning journey
24 Jun 2021 Public Health Summer Institute 2021
23 Jun 2021 NEIHR Ontario-June Webinar Series with Dr. Michelle Dickson
23 Jun 2021 NCCEH: Seeking sustainability in the pandemic adaptations of public transit
23 Jun 2021 Planning Sustainable Health Promotion Programs (Repeat Event)
23 Jun 2021 PHAC: COVID-19 Variants and Vaccines
23 Jun 2021 Upstream Lab: How will Artificial Intelligence affect the work of Canada's family doctors?
23 Jun 2021 Collaboration in data collection: A starting point for addressing homelessness in Northern Ontario
23 Jun 2021 OCFP: Self-management for chronic pain
23 Jun 2021 Let's Talk Overdose: The hidden pandemic and how to stop it
22 Jun 2021 CanCOVID: The Public Health Response in Nova Scotia
22 Jun 2021 CPAC: Policy actions to reduce alcohol-related harms
22 Jun 2021 The Climate Atlas of Canada: Educational tools on infectious diseases and climate change
21 Jun 2021 NACI Recommendations on COVID-19 Vaccine Interchangeability
21 Jun 2021 Navigating Universal Basic Income Security and Social Inclusion in a Post-Pandemic Environment
21 Jun 2021 Rethinking vaccine confidence: Supporting uptake through equitable community responses
18 Jun 2021 Recommandations du CCNI sur l’interchangeabilité des vaccins
18 Jun 2021 CIHR-IPPH: Building anti-racist public health systems
18 Jun 2021 OCFP: Changing the we work
17 Jun 2021 Lessons learned from COVID-19: How do we close Canada’s health gap?
17 Jun 2021 Canadian Medical Association: Health Summit (Session 2)
17 Jun 2021 Missing Children: What does this mean for Canada? Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux Lakehead University Chair on Truth and Reconciliation
16 Jun 2021 CPHA: Evidence to support safe return to clinical practice by oral health professionals in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic
16 Jun 2021 Planning Sustainable Health Promotion Programs
16 Jun 2021 Power in Community Virtual Conference
15 Jun 2021 CanCOVID: What We Heard - Indigenous Peoples and COVID
15 Jun 2021 PHO Rounds: Leveraging the COMPASS Study to Examine the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Youth Health Over Time
15 Jun 2021 CPHA: Why sex- and gender-based analysis matters in public health
11 Jun 2021 PHO: Engaging Young People in Tobacco Cessation Treatment: Blending Innovation, Marketing, and Science for Public Health Impact
10 Jun 2021 PHO Rounds: Cannabis in Pregnancy
10 Jun 2021 Moving Forward Together: Recognizing Lived Experience, Optimizing Appropriate Rehabilitation and Enabling Research on Post COVID-19 Condition (‘Long COVID’) in Canada
09 Jun 2021 Health Law, COVID and Schools
09 Jun 2021 CPHA: Tick surveillance goes online: Progress and preliminary results of the eTick program in Canada
08 Jun 2021 CPAC: Policy actions to improve HPV immunization rates
08 Jun 2021 Two Spirit and Indigiqueer cultural safety: Considerations for relational practice and policy
08 Jun 2021 CIHR: Impacts of COVID-19 on substance use and people who use substances
08 Jun 2021 Infodemic! Is misinformation killing us?
08 Jun 2021 PHO: CANImmunize Clinic Flow for Mass COVID-19 Immunization Programs – the Nova Scotia Experience
08 Jun 2021 Institute for Work and Health: What can hospital emergency records tell us about the incidence of work-related traumatic injuries in Ontario?
08 Jun 2021 Pivotal Interfaces of Environmental Health and Infectious Disease Research
07 Jun 2021 WHO opening plenary of the global ad hoc conference on communicating science during health emergencies (Day 1)
04 Jun 2021 CIHR-IPPH: Public health systems in a globalized world (English)
04 Jun 2021 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice
03 Jun 2021 CanCOVID: Covid-19 Vaccines Workshop (Part 2)
03 Jun 2021 PHO Rounds: COVID-19 Vaccine Program Surveillance - Monitoring Vaccine Impact and Surveillance for Special Populations (Part Two)
02 Jun 2021 Health Providers Against Poverty's June 2021 monthly organizing meeting
02 Jun 2021 COVID-19 vaccines: Information for people with HIV, hepatitis C and their service providers
02 Jun 2021 PHO Rounds: Quash: a behavioural approach to youth vaping and smoking cessation
02 Jun 2021 The Path to an Effective Vaccine – Lessons Learned in Real Time
01 Jun 2021 Pharmacare Now: How do we close this glaring gap in our public health care system?
01 Jun 2021 CanCOVID: Evidence-Based Debunking - Needed and Effective
01 Jun 2021 Gender Equal Health and Care Workforce Initiative: Canadian Perspectives
01 Jun 2021 PHO Rounds: Rising Through the Pandemic - How CQI has benefitted COVID-19 efforts across the province
01 Jun 2021 Towards a Coalition on Action Against Indigenous Specific Racism in Health Care
31 May 2021 PHO Rounds: COVID-19 Vaccine Program Surveillance - Part One: Vaccine Safety Surveillance
31 May 2021 Global Vaccine Market Shaping
29 May 2021 Vaccine Equity and Black Canadians
28 May 2021 CIHR-IPPH: Mobilizing communities and partnerships (English)
28 May 2021 CIHR-IPPH: Infodemiology – public trust and communication (French)
27 May 2021 CanCOVID: Managing the Infodemic for Public Health - A Call to Action for an Evidence-Based Approach
27 May 2021 PHO Rounds: Preventing the Silent Pandemic: Antibiotic Stewardship and COVID-19
27 May 2021 CIHR-IPPH: Public health workforce planning (English)
27 May 2021 Building Global Momentum for Adult Vaccination Policy within COVID-19: Making COVID-19 a Springboard for Adult Vaccinations
26 May 2021 NCCEH: Indoor CO2 Sensors for COVID-19 Risk Mitigation - Current Guidance and Limitations
26 May 2021 Backward Contact Tracing: An emerging approach for public health management of COVID-19
26 May 2021 Behind the Mask: Ethical Issues Revealed by COVID-19 in Canada and Beyond
26 May 2021 NCCIH: First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples and Physical Activity during COVID-19
26 May 2021 Introducing the CanPath Student Dataset
26 May 2021 Moving to action: Going beyond health equity assessments
26 May 2021 CPHA: Incidence, location, wildlife reservoir species and biogeographical modeling of leptospirosis in the Canadian Maritimes
26 May 2021 OCFP: Caring for patients with alcohol use disorder
25 May 2021 CanCOVID: The Hungry Cities Partnership - COVID-19 and Food Security in Urban China
25 May 2021 PHO Rounds: COVID-19 in Pregnancy in Ontario - Findings from the First Year
22 May 2021 UHN Asian Initiative in Mental Health (AIM) Presents - Resilient Perspectives: Anti-Asian Racism in Canada
22 May 2021 UHN-AIM Resilient Perspectives: Anti-Asian Racism in Canada
21 May 2021 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice
20 May 2021 PHAC: Répondre à la réticence à se faire vacciner contre la COVID-19
20 May 2021 An Introduction to Evaluation Capacity Building and Evaluative Thinking
20 May 2021 Could Federalism Help Cure What Ails Long-Term Care?
20 May 2021 Anti-Racism & Public Service: What's Standing in the Way of Progress?
20 May 2021 The Way Forward for Health Promotion: the case of Health Literacy and Covid-19
20 May 2021 The role & impact of faith actors in global and national advocacy for vaccine equity and access
19 May 2021 The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Webinar for Health Care Providers Presents: Addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in clinical practice
18 May 2021 Canadian Medical Association: Health Summit Series (Session 1)
18 May 2021 CanCOVID: The Mental Health Impact and Service Use of Ontario’s Young People Since COVID
17 May 2021 2021 Campus Alberta Annual Provincial Forum on Health Outcomes and Public Health (Part 2)
17 May 2021 Climate emergency and health: from individual changes to global engagement
17 May 2021 2021 Campus Alberta Annual Provincial Forum on Health (Part 1)Outcomes and Public Health
14 May 2021 Incubator on Menstrual Equity
13 May 2021 WBIIH: Using Metaphors to Guide our Research and Practice
12 May 2021 CIHR-IPPH: Public health data systems (Bilingual)
12 May 2021 Integrating Health into Scenario Planning for Transportation & Land Use Applications
12 May 2021 Women's College: Spreading Successful Models of Care - A Spotlight on the Office of Spread and Scale at WCH
12 May 2021 Global Health Webinar: Connecting care and improving access for vulnerable populations
12 May 2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation in the United States
11 May 2021 The COVID-19 Vaccine: Looking for Answers?
11 May 2021 CanCOVID: Improving Public Confidence in Science - Plain Language Summaries for COVID-19 Recommendations & Contextualization, RecMap
11 May 2021 WBIIH Speaker Series 2021 with Dr. Bernice Downey
10 May 2021 Vaccination among people living with and at risk for HIV
09 May 2021 PHPC's 2021 CPD Symposium
07 May 2021 PHAC: Recommandations du CCNI sur la prolongation des intervalles entre les doses
07 May 2021 Navigating this Time Holistic Wellness for Indigenous Scholars (Part Two)
07 May 2021 McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy - 2021 Conference
07 May 2021 OCFP: Variants, the J&J vaccine, VIIT, and more
06 May 2021 The Most Abnormal Recession in Canada's History: The Economic Impacts of COVID-19​
06 May 2021 NCCDH: Movement-building for system change and health equity
06 May 2021 Advancing Essential Public Health Functions to Prevent the Next Pandemic
05 May 2021 PHAC: Recommendations of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) on Extended Dose Intervals for COVID-19 Vaccines (English session)
05 May 2021 CADTH: Providing Appropriate Virtual Care Within and Beyond the Pandemic - Considerations for Policy-Makers
05 May 2021 Présentation par la compagnie Moderna : Renseignements importants pour le professionnel de la santé sur le COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna
05 May 2021 The End of Poverty (Conference)
05 May 2021 30th Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research
04 May 2021 CanCOVID: CIHR’s COVID-19 & Mental Health Research Initiative: Supporting the Mental Health & Substance Use Responses to COVID-19
04 May 2021 Moderna Presents: Important Information for Healthcare Providers about COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna
03 May 2021 Immunization during pregnancy: where have we been, where are we now, where are we going?
30 Apr 2021 Navigating this Time Holistic Wellness for Indigenous Scholars (Part One)
29 Apr 2021 NCCEH: Visual Tools and Processes for Engaging Intersectoral Partners on the Health Impacts of Resource Development
29 Apr 2021 PHO: The Fourth Wave - Child and Family Health and Well-being During the COVID-19 Pandemic
29 Apr 2021 Ensuring Global Access to COVID-19 Vaccines
29 Apr 2021 The Relationship Between Mental Health and Substance Use During the Pandemic
29 Apr 2021 Housing First: The 10-20%
28 Apr 2021 Missing voices: Listening to people with lived experience to create a more equitable and effective pandemic response
28 Apr 2021 Upstream Lab: How will Artificial Intelligence affect the work of Canada's family doctors?
28 Apr 2021 Introduction to Participatory Evaluation Planning – Tips and Tools
28 Apr 2021 OCFP: Helping our patients deal with the mental health impacts of the pandemic
27 Apr 2021 CoVaRR-Net: Canada's Latest Research Network on the Pandemic Response
27 Apr 2021 PHO Rounds: Evidence to Inform Policy Options for the Elimination of Hepatitis C Virus in First Nations Populations in Ontario
27 Apr 2021 Community Health Approaches for Ontario Immigrants and Newcomers during COVID-19
26 Apr 2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness
23 Apr 2021 Webinaire sur les enjeux émergents liés au vaccin contre la COVID-19 : Thrombocytopénie immunitaire thrombotique induite par le vaccin (TITIV)
23 Apr 2021 The COVID-19 vaccine: Vaccination in primary care, evolving vaccine evidence, and more
22 Apr 2021 NCCMT: Rapid Review Methods in a COVID-19 World
22 Apr 2021 Five Good Ideas for demystifying digital transformation
22 Apr 2021 A Dialogue on Health Equity and Systemic Racism in Healthcare
21 Apr 2021 Conversations in Data Science: Reflection on Modern Methods, Tony Blakely
21 Apr 2021 Moderna Presents: Important Information for Healthcare Providers about COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna
21 Apr 2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Emerging Issues Webinar: Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) (English Session)
21 Apr 2021 Upstream Lab: Machine Learning for Human Resource Management & to Predict Health Service Use
21 Apr 2021 COVID-19 and Public Health Forum 2021
21 Apr 2021 Fundamental choices for the future of public health - what is COVID-19 exposing?
20 Apr 2021 Connecting culture, land and wellness to Indigenous youth
20 Apr 2021 CanCOVID: Preventing and Reducing Homelessness during COVID-19 - New Systematic Reviews and Guidelines
20 Apr 2021 Présentation par la compagnie Moderna : Renseignements importants pour le professionnel de la santé sur le COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna
20 Apr 2021 Upstream Lab: Innovations in addressing social needs in Canadian primary care
20 Apr 2021 CADTH Lecture — How to Advance Gender Equity
15 Apr 2021 NCCID: One Infection, Four Continents & Eight Countries - the psychosocial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic
15 Apr 2021 Having influence: How can public health talk to politicians?
15 Apr 2021 Youth vaping: What health care providers need to know about a rapidly evolving trend
14 Apr 2021 CPHA: Safer Supply Would Work Well if... Findings from a Concept Mapping Study
14 Apr 2021 Ontario NEIHR Webinar Series with Dr. Jeffrey Ansloos
14 Apr 2021 Inequities Laid Bare: Responding to Challenges of COVID-19 and Beyond
13 Apr 2021 CanCOVID: School Closures, Youth Development & Parental Work: Evidence from Canada
13 Apr 2021 PHO Rounds: Preconception health, pregnancy outcomes and care experiences among women with disabilities in Ontario
09 Apr 2021 Association Between Early Life Exposure to Phthalates and Organophosphate Esters and the Development of Childhood Asthma and Wheeze
09 Apr 2021 The COVID-19 Vaccine: Building vaccine confidence in the Black community, evolving guidance, and more
08 Apr 2021 CanCOVID: A Discussion on the COVID-19 Vaccines in Canada
08 Apr 2021 Healthy Built Environments in Canada Webinar Series
07 Apr 2021 Examining Tensions in Public Health Ethics: Reflections from COVID-19
07 Apr 2021 Présentation par la compagnie Moderna : Renseignements importants pour le professionnel de la santé sur le COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna
07 Apr 2021 Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow's Health: CanPath Portal Overview
07 Apr 2021 NCCDH: From risk to resilience Conversation 5 - Equity in pandemic planning, response and recovery (in English, with French interpretation)
06 Apr 2021 Translating Anti-Racism Knowledge from Theory to Public Health Practice
06 Apr 2021 Moderna Presents: Important Information for Healthcare Providers about COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna
01 Apr 2021 Environmental factors associated with freshwater recreational water quality in Toronto and Niagara Region, Ontario
31 Mar 2021 Upstream Lab: Natural Language Processing & its Role in Primary Care
30 Mar 2021 CanCOVID: Systemic Risk Management - COVID Post-Mortems & Preparing for a Future Pandemic
30 Mar 2021 NCCDH: Movement-building for system change and health equity
30 Mar 2021 Preserving COVID-19 Experiences: An RSC Webinar
30 Mar 2021 PHO Rounds: COVID-19 - Variants of Concern
30 Mar 2021 Vaccination: Moving Forward with Confidence
29 Mar 2021 Climate Risk Institute: Progress towards a Climate Resilient Built Environment
29 Mar 2021 Guardians of Public Value: How Public Organizations Survive and Thrive
26 Mar 2021 Cancer risk communication in the news coverage of suspected cancer clusters
26 Mar 2021 KT Connects - Decolonizing Research: Collecting Two-Spirit Data in Culturally Affirming Ways
26 Mar 2021 OCFP: The COVID-19 Vaccine - Lessons from vaccine pilots, evolving guidance, and more
25 Mar 2021 Maytree Policy School: Five Good Ideas for racial justice change-making
25 Mar 2021 COVID-19 Vaccines Webinar: Recommendations of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) on the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine (in French)
24 Mar 2021 Global Context and Climate Change: Implications For Global Health in The 21st Century
24 Mar 2021 Healthy Canadians and Communities Fund – Webinar Information Session (in French)
24 Mar 2021 Community-based research by, with, and for women living with HIV
24 Mar 2021 CADTH Webinar: Tuberculosis - International and Canadian perspectives on the “other” global pandemic
24 Mar 2021 NCCDH: From risk to resilience Conversation 4 - Equity in pandemic planning, response and recovery (in English, with French interpretation)
24 Mar 2021 Centre for Global Health: Shaping Canada's Global Health Future
24 Mar 2021 Children's Healthcare Canada: Improving Vaccine Rates through Supportive Discussions and Effective Practices to Reduce Pain and Fear
23 Mar 2021 CanCOVID: Harnessing the Potential of Primary Care and Addressing Problems Exacerbated by COVID-19
23 Mar 2021 COVID-19 Vaccines Webinar: Recommendations of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) on the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine (in English)
23 Mar 2021 Healthy Canadians and Communities Fund – Webinar Information Session (in English)
23 Mar 2021 Wise Practices for COVID Vaccinators
23 Mar 2021 COVID and Tobacco Use: One Year Later
22 Mar 2021 Reimagining Aging and Restoring Trust in the Wake of COVID-19
22 Mar 2021 Reducing Substance Use Stigma: The Role of First Responders
22 Mar 2021 CVPD: Tackling Paediatric Infections in Low-Resource Settings
22 Mar 2021 Covid-19 Vaccination in Urban and Remote Indigenous Communities
22 Mar 2021 National Alcohol Forum Webinar Series: Implications of COVID-19 Webinar 3: Delivering Community-based Supports for Alcohol Use Disorder During COVID-19
22 Mar 2021 LEPH Virtual Conference 2021: Law Enforcement & Public Health
18 Mar 2021 NAO Lecture Series: Ruth Waitzberg
17 Mar 2021 OMATalks: Planning for the Next Pandemic
17 Mar 2021 CanWaCH: Understanding Gender Equality Through Mixed Methods
16 Mar 2021 Eliminating Systemic Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare: Identifying Barriers, Generating Sustainable Solutions
16 Mar 2021 CanCOVID: The Impact of Sex and Gender on COVID-19
16 Mar 2021 Relax, Dammit! Dealing with Misinformation in the Age of Anxiety
16 Mar 2021 Reducing barriers to accessing virtual mental health care for recent refugees and other newcomers
16 Mar 2021 CPHA: Barriers to Legal Cannabis Access - the Emergence of Community Based Cannabis Distribution Programs in Vancouver, Canada
12 Mar 2021 PHAC: Vaccins contre la COVID-19 – les réactions tardives au site d’injection (y compris le « bras COVID-19 »)
12 Mar 2021 BC Climate and Health Network: Mental Health & Our Changing Climate
12 Mar 2021 WBIIH: Integrating Somatic-Based Therapies and the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) into Clinical Practice
12 Mar 2021 Frontlined and Sidelined: What’s next for women and the economy?
12 Mar 2021 CCHE Seminar Series: The economics and politics of national pharmacare
12 Mar 2021 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice - Newly approved vaccine, public health collaboration, and more
11 Mar 2021 Choosing Wisely in Canada and the US: An International Talk on Similarities, Differences, and Challenges
11 Mar 2021 Leadership During Crisis: Observations From the COVID-19 Pandemic
11 Mar 2021 PHAC: COVID-19 Vaccines Emerging issues Webinar - Delayed Injection Site Reactions (including COVID-19 Arm)
11 Mar 2021 CPHA: Having a Voice and Saving Lives - A qualitative survey on employment impacts of people with lived experience of drug use working in harm reduction
11 Mar 2021 Book Launch - Global Health: Ethical Challenges
11 Mar 2021 CanCOVID & PHAC: The Long-COVID National Cohort Study
11 Mar 2021 Workplace Health Without Borders Webinar with Dr. Jukka Takala
10 Mar 2021 PHO Learning Exchange: COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake and Equity Considerations
10 Mar 2021 NCCDH: From risk to resilience Conversation 3 - Equity in pandemic planning, response and recovery (in English, with French interpretation)
10 Mar 2021 Pegasus Institute: Climate Change, Health and the Recovery from COVID-19
10 Mar 2021 EPI-WIN: COVID-19 Vaccine Update
09 Mar 2021 CanCOVID: The Canadian Policy Response to COVID-19 - What’s in it for Health Equity?
09 Mar 2021 PHO Rounds: Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19
08 Mar 2021 CVPD: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Routine Childhood Immunizations
08 Mar 2021 What's Online Community-Based Research Going to Look Like in the Future?
08 Mar 2021 CADTH COVID-19 Webinar – Women’s Issues in Pandemic Times: How COVID-19 Has Exacerbated Gender Inequities for Women in Canada and Around the World
08 Mar 2021 CIHR: Impacts of COVID-19 on Women’s Mental Health and Substance Use
05 Mar 2021 CCHE Seminar Series: Tracking Canadian Drug Shortages and Their Impact on Public Insurance Plans
05 Mar 2021 OCFP: Managing our own mental health and substance use during the pandemic
04 Mar 2021 Epidemic Preparedness through Vaccine Innovations with CIHR & CEPI / Préparation aux épidémies grâce aux innovations vaccinales avec les IRSC et le CEPI
04 Mar 2021 NCCDH: Let’s Talk - Whiteness and health equity
04 Mar 2021 PHAC: Planification des cliniques de vaccination contre la COVID-19
04 Mar 2021 OntarioHealth: COVID@Home Monitoring for Primary Care Providers
03 Mar 2021 CAMH: Assessing and reducing health disparities in virtual care
03 Mar 2021 Rebuilding First Nations Governance Series (Part 1): A dream of our people for going on eight generations
03 Mar 2021 Air Quality and the COVID-19 Pandemic
03 Mar 2021 Children's Healthcare Canada: Health System responses to the pandemic
02 Mar 2021 CanCOVID: Guiding our Public Health Response: Real-Time Integration of Diagnostics and Genomics
02 Mar 2021 Global Public Health and Migration: People, Borders, and Health Systems
01 Mar 2021 PHAC: COVID-19 Vaccines Planning for Immunization Clinics (English version)
01 Mar 2021 Ottawa Black Mental Health Coalition: Black Mental Health Week 2021
27 Feb 2021 2021 BPAO Annual Health Symposium
26 Feb 2021 PHAC: Fondements sur les vaccins contre la COVID-19
26 Feb 2021 AFTHO: Learnings from primary care - Vaccine roll-out across Ontario
26 Feb 2021 Engaging knowledge users in basic science — tips, tricks and lessons learned
26 Feb 2021 DLSPH: Virtual Symposium on Population Health’s Past, Present, and Future (Part 4)
25 Feb 2021 NCCMT: The Tool for Assessing the Effects of Local Intersectoral Action (in English)
25 Feb 2021 How to create a gender responsive pandemic plan: Addressing the secondary effects of COVID-19
24 Feb 2021 NCCEH: Scoping Population Health in Impact Assessment (ScopHIA)
24 Feb 2021 CPHA: Involuntary stabilization care of youth who overdose - More harm than good
24 Feb 2021 NCCMT: The Tool for Assessing the Effects of Local Intersectoral Action (in French)
24 Feb 2021 Health in a Changing Climate
24 Feb 2021 Black Experiences in Healthcare in Canada: the Legacy
24 Feb 2021 Upstream Lab: Machine Learning Applied to Primary Care EMR Data for Classification
24 Feb 2021 NCCDH: From risk to resilience Conversation 2 - Embedding equity in pandemic-planning, response and recovery (in English, with French interpretation)
24 Feb 2021 1st Annual Fit Cities Fit Towns Canada Conference
23 Feb 2021 CanCOVID: Critical Gaps in Health Workforce Data Infrastructure
23 Feb 2021 PHAC: COVID-19 Vaccine Foundational Webinar (in English)
23 Feb 2021 The value of hospital clinical data: current applications and future opportunities through data linkages
23 Feb 2021 Fragmentation in the future of work: Exploring the impact of the changing nature of work on vulnerable workers
22 Feb 2021 WBIIH: Philosophies of Indigenous practices with Indigenous peoples in the field of mental health
22 Feb 2021 Vaccinations and the Black Community
22 Feb 2021 CVPD: Understanding and Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy
19 Feb 2021 DLSPH: Virtual Symposium on Population Health’s Past, Present, and Future (Part 3)
19 Feb 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination and Child Health
19 Feb 2021 OCFP: Long COVID and lessons from the UK
18 Feb 2021 An Introduction to Service Design for Community-Based Health Innovation
17 Feb 2021 NCCEH: Psychosocial Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
17 Feb 2021 IC/ES Winter Forum: Data and Analytics in Critical Times
16 Feb 2021 CanCOVID: The Fragility of Canada’s Healthcare Supply Chain
13 Feb 2021 The Historical and Contemporary Issues of Trustworthiness vis a vis Vaccines and Medical Science that give Black People Cause for Concern
12 Feb 2021 PHO Rounds: Cancer Prevention in Canada – What do we know and what can we do
12 Feb 2021 DLSPH: Virtual Symposium on Population Health’s Past, Present, and Future (Part 2)
11 Feb 2021 NCCMT: Promoting Early Childhood Development and Wellbeing with the Early Years Check-In and Play & Learn
11 Feb 2021 Centre for Global Health: Implementation Research to Achieve Health-Related SDGs
11 Feb 2021 PHO Rounds: COVID–19 Mass Immunization Drive-Through: A Pilot
11 Feb 2021 Munk School: Can transparency and accountability improve national essential medicines lists?
10 Feb 2021 The Sixties Scoop: 40 Years of Activism and Lessons Learned
10 Feb 2021 PHAC Webinar for HCPs - Allergies following COVID-19 vaccination, and LDV Syringes discussion // ASPC webinaire pour les fournisseurs de soins de santé
10 Feb 2021 Women's College Hospital: Lessons from the Long Fix - Future Applications in Healthcare
10 Feb 2021 Building Back Better: Sustainable Health Systems after COVID-19
10 Feb 2021 CCSA: COVID-19 and Alcohol Policy
10 Feb 2021 NCCDH: From risk to resilience Conversation 1 - Report from the CPHO of Canada (in English, with French interpretation)
09 Feb 2021 CanCOVID: SARS-CoV-2 Variants - Clinical, Vaccine and Public Health Implications
09 Feb 2021 OntarioHealth: Recognizing and Managing Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic
08 Feb 2021 CVPD: COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Surveillance in Canada
05 Feb 2021 DLSPH: Virtual Symposium on Population Health’s Past, Present, and Future (Part 1)
05 Feb 2021 OCFP: The COVID-19 vaccine - New vaccines, building vaccine confidence, and more
04 Feb 2021 Bioethics & Racial Disparities in Healthcare: Student Perspectives
04 Feb 2021 The evolution of HIV treatment: Then and now
03 Feb 2021 NCCIH: Innovative public health messaging on COVID-19 and Indigenous peoples
02 Feb 2021 CanCOVID Speaker Series: The Infodemic - Impact on Pandemic Response and COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance
02 Feb 2021 PHO Rounds: Understanding Male-to-Female Sexual Harassment and Aggression in Public Drinking Settings
02 Feb 2021 CCSA: The Effects of COVID-19 on Alcohol Sales, Consumption and Harms
29 Jan 2021 KT Connects: Moving from stakeholders to partners in knowledge translation and exchange
29 Jan 2021 NCCID: COVID-19 Testing Technologies
29 Jan 2021 The health equity impacts of a changing climate part 2: Communicating and change-making
28 Jan 2021 NCCHPP: An Introduction to Public Health Ethics (in French)
28 Jan 2021 CanCOVID: What has been the work of the Canadian COVID-19 Task Forces?
27 Jan 2021 MD Financial: The physician's retirement plan
27 Jan 2021 NCCEH: Psychosocial Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic - A frame of reference from lessons learned through disasters in Canada
27 Jan 2021 Big Tech, Data science, AI, and the University: What's at stake for BlackLife?
27 Jan 2021 NCCHPP: An Introduction to Public Health Ethics (in English)
27 Jan 2021 NCCIH: Data collection on COVID-19 cases in First Nations, Inuit and Métis populations and communities
27 Jan 2021 Research Spotlight: How 3 trainees are using CanPath data and biosamples
27 Jan 2021 Building your toolbox for more equitable healthcare: Guidance on health equity training
27 Jan 2021 The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence in Family Medicine Webinar #2
27 Jan 2021 CADTH: Designing Research to Inform Decision-Making Using Value of Information Analyses
27 Jan 2021 OCFP: Family Medicine Summit
26 Jan 2021 WBIIH: Healing Medicine - (Re) Discovering Ceremony at the End of Life
26 Jan 2021 CanCOVID: Chief Scientist's Youth Council - COVID-19 Research Initiatives
26 Jan 2021 PHO Rounds: International Border Surveillance Study
26 Jan 2021 OPHA: COVID-19 Pandemic - Different Countries, Different Approaches
26 Jan 2021 Health in All Policies in times of COVID-19: Wellbeing economics and social protection
21 Jan 2021 The health equity impacts of a changing climate part 1: From assessment to action
21 Jan 2021 PHPC: Green Light? Red Light? Assessing applicability and transferability to inform decisions about starting and stopping programs
20 Jan 2021 CPHA: Gender-informed virtual interventions addressing substance use and intimate partner violence
20 Jan 2021 NCCIH: Indigenous governance and self-determination in planning and responding to COVID-19
20 Jan 2021 CADTH: Delving into the Literature - What Does the Evidence Really Say?
20 Jan 2021 The impact of COVID-19 on mental health in two vulnerable groups: Caregivers of people with autism, and children and youth with eating disorders
19 Jan 2021 CanCOVID: CIHI’s COVID-19 Intervention Scan & Timeline with Applications for Modelling
19 Jan 2021 CPHA: Exploring Gaps in Youth Suicide Prevention Research
19 Jan 2021 PHO Rounds: Improving Our Community Environments for Health
18 Jan 2021 CVPD: Seminar with Dr. Allison McGeer
15 Jan 2021 COVID-​19 Panel Discussion: A Vaccine Recovery
15 Jan 2021 PHPC REP Rounds: Decriminalization of Illicit Substances
14 Jan 2021 Choosing Wisely Talks: Media and Medicine in the COVID-19 Era
14 Jan 2021 Using epidemiological modelling to embrace and explore uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic
14 Jan 2021 Balsillie School of International Affairs: Gender, COVID-19 and Health Workforce
13 Jan 2021 How Did Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Impact Palliative Care?
13 Jan 2021 NCCIH: Indigenous governance and self-determination in planning and responding to COVID-19
13 Jan 2021 Mental health and substance use in children, youth and families during COVID-19: Findings from two CIHR-funded Knowledge Syntheses
12 Jan 2021 Misinformation critic Timothy Caulfield presents webinar open to public
12 Jan 2021 CanCOVID: United Nations Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery - Leveraging the Power of Science for a More Equitable, Resilient and Sustainable Future
12 Jan 2021 Spirit Injuries: Indigenous Perspectives of Mental Health
12 Jan 2021 Health Care for All? Confronting Health Inequalities by Building Democracy
12 Jan 2021 NCCIH & NCCID: Vaccine hesitancy & First Nations, Inuit and Métis populations in COVID-19
12 Jan 2021 The Next Big COVID Challenge: Promoting Vaccine Uptake
11 Jan 2021 Anatomy of a Pandemic: Our children’s burden – Safety, education and isolation during COVID-19
11 Jan 2021 CVPD: Addressing vaccine misinformation on social media beyond clinical settings
08 Jan 2021 COVID-19 Community of Practice for Ontario Family Physicians
05 Jan 2021 CanCOVID: COVID19 Recommendations Map & Gateway to Contextualization
01 Jan 2021 NCCDH & PHESC - On-Demand Webinar 6: Racial Health Equity (Embracing a decolonial, anti-racist practice)
30 Dec 2020 NCCID: Recommendations of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) on the use of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
29 Dec 2020 Moderna Presents: Helpful Information for Healthcare Providers about investigational Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (in English)
18 Dec 2020 NCCID & PHAC: Recommendations of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) on the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (English)
17 Dec 2020 NCCEH Webinar: Surface Cleaning and Disinfection in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
17 Dec 2020 PHO Rounds: The Inequitable Risk of Exposure to COVID-19 at Work - The Occupational Exposure to COVID-19 Risk Tool
16 Dec 2020 NCCID & PHAC: Recommendations of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) on the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (French)
16 Dec 2020 Healthy Social Environments: Social connectivity in neighbourhoods
16 Dec 2020 NCCID: One Infection, Eight Countries - The psychosocial implication of the Covid-19 pandemic
15 Dec 2020 CanCOVID: The COVID-19 Pandemic and the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
15 Dec 2020 PHAC: COVID-19 Vaccine Foundations for Health Care Providers (in French)
14 Dec 2020 PHAC: COVID-19 Vaccine Foundations for Health Care Providers (in English)
14 Dec 2020 COVID-19 Vaccine Trials: Ethical issues associated with early efficacy data
11 Dec 2020 OCFP: COVID-19 Community of Practice for Ontario Family Physicians
10 Dec 2020 Humanitarian Response in a Post-COVID-19 World: What Will it Look Like?
10 Dec 2020 CPHA: The value of unfunded vaccines and the challenge in implementation
10 Dec 2020 Digital Health Behaviour Change & How to Study It: A Systems Engineering Approach
09 Dec 2020 Ending Homelessness for People Living in Encampments in Canada
09 Dec 2020 The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence in Family Medicine
09 Dec 2020 CPHA: The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health
08 Dec 2020 COVID-19 in Immigrants and Refugees in Ontario: Data Analytics to Support the Public Health Response
08 Dec 2020 PHO Rounds: Mostly Worse, Occasionally Better - The First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents in Ontario
08 Dec 2020 WBIIH: Traditional Building Structures & Land-Based Education
07 Dec 2020 Routine Immunization Catch-up in Canada during COVID-19
03 Dec 2020 Misinformation in a time of COVID - How to recognize it; and how to address it with patients and colleagues (Session in English and French)
03 Dec 2020 CPHA: Sexual health education in Canada - Insights from youth across the country
03 Dec 2020 CADTH COVID-19 Webinar – Community-Based Aerosol Transmission Of COVID-19 and HVAC Systems
03 Dec 2020 Indigenous Health Conference: Building Our Future
02 Dec 2020 COVID-19 Vaccine Ethics: Creating a Climate of Trust
02 Dec 2020 The Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health and Substance Use of Youth
02 Dec 2020 Environmental health approaches to COVID-19
02 Dec 2020 CATIE: The Ontario overdose crisis and the impact of COVID-19
01 Dec 2020 CanCOVID: Long COVID - The Patient Experience
01 Dec 2020 CPHA: Canadian Immunization Conference 2020
01 Dec 2020 Mental Health for All Webinar Series: Mental Health Research Funding
01 Dec 2020 NCCDH & PHESC - On-Demand Webinar 5: Policy development and advocacy to improve health equity
30 Nov 2020 Implications of COVID-19 on Public Health and Substance Use
25 Nov 2020